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Why Does My Car Jerk While Accelerating?

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Nowadays mostly cars have a jerking problem, actually it’s a symptomatic of a larger underlying engine and fuel problem.

It is much difficult to find what actually the problem is, because engine have hundreds of internal components.

Hi I’m Senior Editor of Brainy Consumer and I am writing this article just to help you to figure out the main issue of your car’s jerking problem while acceleration.

My this article will surely helps you identify the main cause.

Problem of Clogged Catalytic Converter 

Catalytic converter is an exhaust emission devices that is used to regulate pollutants in your vehicle emissions.

It is usually works with combustion engine fueled by either diesel or fueled. clogged catalytic converter

Mostly due to bad fuel mixtures catalytic converter gets stuck and in result stuttering expulsion of noxious. The clogging itself a stuttering motion when hitting the pedal. Just because of this, there is a delay in response and sudden jerk happened.

Replacing catalytic converter is expensive to replace “check here“, so you should completely sure about the catalytic problem. There are some other indications are also available like unusual tachometer readings and expulsion of hydrogen sulphide.

Destructive Fuel Lines

There are some crucial components that form the whole fuel housing are filters, pumps and the fuel injector.

For the purpose of internal combustion they supply fuel to the engine, that increase the power and force of your vehicle.

It one of the easiest problem to find out, and it is also very easy to fix. You can overcome this by just fixing a fuel filter.

Fuel filter is very cheap to buy and anyone who drive easily change their car’s fuel pump. On the other side fuel injector is are ignored portion of fuel supply and fuel hoses and equally problematic to clean. You can use fuel additives for this purpose that will keep your components clean.

Problem of Poor Voltage Supply

As we all know its a battery who caters the electrical process but its a work concept and what you say it’s a misconception. Actually alternator provide and complete the need of electricity of your vehicle.

As we all know battery need spark and without spark it cannot do anything. After ignition its a alternator that keeps your vehicle in power.

Alternator provide voltage that helps fuel pump to process the fuel all around the vehicle. Mostly old and alternator raise problem here that it is to be able to meet the energy needs and lack of fuel hitting in the combustion chamber.

There is many multimeter made for automobile, it can easily diagnose your car jerking problem.

Moisture Problem

Mostly weather is a main course problem of car jerking during acceleration. Mostly in cold weather or humidity day the condensation of moisture on the inside of distributor cap. Distributer is playing a dominant role to transfer the voltage from the ignition coin to the combustion cylinder. 

The distributor cap hit the point of the rotor in the cap because of sweating, at the time impeding the spark raised for ignition and also transfer energy to the cylliner.

To overcome this, just park your car in a safe, dry place. Not in the open area because of winter humidity. Otherwise dry your distributor cap by spraying some carburettor or any other cleaner to keep them dry as long.

Are You Driving a Stick?

When your car has a manual gears and you have driven a stick shift cars than it is possible that you feel little jerk while shifting. Mostly it appears in manual transmission, and when you just start to learn a driving and perhaps you shift from first to second then mostly a jerk appear.

Problem of Spark Plugs

As you knew before that Spark Plugs is lights up the fuel or air inside the engine – combust them and move the piston. Efficient spark plug is necessary for your engine to function properly.

It is needed to be replaced regularly. Spark plugs wire is also caused a problem.


You can resolve your vehicle jerking problem and  from other issues by doing maintenance regularly. I was not mentioned all the problems here but these are most common one. Contact your regular mechanic to resolve the critical issue and don’t put your hand in any thing that you don’t know about.