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When to Change Spark Plug – 6 Most Irritating Signs

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Today in this article I’m talking about when to change spark plug by clarifying the issues caused by bad spark plugs.

Spark plug is one of the critical and smallest part of your vehicle. It looks so tiny and cheap but it gives directly impact to your engine performance and stability.

Why we called it a spark plug? Because it give spark that ignites the air and fuel mixture under the cylinder.

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Consistent spark keeps your car in a continuous motion.

So, the question is when to change spark plug? For your kind information, most of your cars have a problem just because of that little spark plugs.

Yeah I’m right. So you just have to change that little spark plug that’s it.

Here I’m writing this post to identify the most regular problems that is just because of  bad spark plugs.

If you’re not overcome those problems then it will surely hurt your engine after couple of time or sometime in future.

6 Most Regular Problems That Caused By Bad Spark Plugs

1 – Rough Idle State of  an Engine

Rough in idle state means when your car is not moving but engine is started and your car producing rear voices.

If your car is new or almost launched 5-8 years ago so these rear rattling, pinging types of voices is measurable.

These rear sounds come up from your engine and it will directly affect your car’s performance.

Replace spark plug as soon as possible, rather it will surely damage your engine performance.

2 – Having Trouble While Starting a Car

First you have to check your fuel and your car’s battery. If they are having good or in the state of stability then you have to think.

Now trouble is just caused by bad spark plug.

Put out your spark plug and remove carbon from the tip.

But it might be possible that it is not a solution. So Finally you need to change your spark plug.

Eventually it will irritate you when you’re driving around the city and automatic car’s cannot start by badward pushing.

I’m telling you again and again that it will affect your engine and make it weak.

3 – Engine Misfires Regularly

Engine misfire is one of the most popular problem with your car. In which your car halt fro a fraction of a second and then re stable to its continues movement.

It directly affect the smoothness and grip of your car towards the road.

Mostly it caused when you cylinders and one of your cylinder cannot fired properly.

It also affect on your car’s emission, it becomes more, black and thicker.

Change your spark plug as soon as possible to get rid of this irritating problem.

4 – Lack of Acceleration

Nowadays lack of acceleration means pickup problems.

As you heard most of the times that someone said that “My car have incredible pickup or something else like this“.

Its just a game of acceleration. When you car have good acceleration then it will have great pickup.

It is easy to identify your car’s acceleration problem.

Just put your foot on acceleration paddle and when you car move instantly then it works greatly.

But when if your car move after consistent acceleration then it will have some problem with acceleration.

It feels like you car struggling to move forward.

You can easily change overcome this problem by just changing the spark plug.

Mostly these type of lack of acceleration problem just occured because of poor and old spark plugs.

5 – Surfying of an Engine or Jerk

Most of the times when you’re driving on the road then suddenly you feel a jerk in your car.

Mostly your engine stops and not restart by just one ignition.

It will start after two or three continues ignitites.

It means your engine is not working efficiently and facing some problems.

It happens when spark plug stop sparking because of carbon deposits.

It is dangerous situation while driving, so please change your spark plug as soon as possible.

It will definitely affect your engine and also unstable your cylinders too.

6 – High fuel consumption

Most of the times when your spark plug is sparking regularly but it will make some problems while sparking.

As you noticed your fuel economy drastically decrease due to incomplete combustion and you can’t find a solution to resolve.

It happened because of bad spark plug because it cannot spark in a right way.

Spark plug is too cheap as compared to other parts of vehicle. So regularly change of spark plugs is not a problem at all.

You will definitely push in the value in you car performance by doing this.

These deteriorating spark plugs needs to be changed after some time.

Remember This

These 6 signs helpful for you to find the problem that is caused by spark plugs.

It doesn’t means that when these problems occurred so it is just because of bad spark plugs.

You car have thousand of internal components and all are dependent to each other.

Mostly these 6 problems caused by bad spark plug.

According to my recommendation, when ever you’re facing these 6 problem so change your spark plug first because it is cheap.

If your problem still there, then contact with your trustable mechanic and tell them an issue in detail.