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Top 8 Vehicle Lifts For Home Garages Reviews

As we all auto lovers know that car lifts are expensive and we just buy once. In this guide I’m begging you to please read this best car lifts guide carefully before revealing your credit card.

Car lifts is also called auto lifts, best and safer option when we are working in our garages under truck or car floor jacks.

It is also beneficial for home garage, because residential and home garage are less in space so, after applying car lifts you got extra space to place tools and for other things.

These 5 best car lifts are efficient to use in your small area, they are affordable and reliable too.

In the starting days, mostly mechanics don’t have car lift and they are trying to complete their task by using jacks, but car lifts are much beneficial and primary product to buy for every professional and home garage mechanic.

Name Brand Lift Type Capacity Price
BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift BendPak Scissor 6000 LBS Check Price
QuickJack BL-50000SLX QuickJack Scissor 5000 LBS Check Price
Triumph NSS-8 8000 Lbs 4 Post Triumph 4 Post 8000 LBS Check Price
Auto Lift Car Park AutoLife 4 Post 8000 LBS Check Price
Triumph NT-9 9000 Lbs Triumph 2 Post 9000 LBS Check Price
Dannmar MaxJax Portable Dannmar 2 Post 6000 LBS Check Price
Atlas Garage Pro 9000 Atlas 4 Post 9000 LBS Check Price
BendPak HDS-40 Lift BendPak 4 Post 40000 LBS Check Price

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Top 8 Best Vehicle Lifts For Home Garages

In this car lift guide I’m recommending you 5 best  car lifts for you small residential garage, home garage or for professional garage. Just keep calm and buy according to your need.

It doesn’t mean that you should have small garage to get benefits of these car lift, every mechanic use these at their own place with ease.

1. BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift – 6,000lb. Capacity, Model# MD-6XP


A better for home garage and for your small space garage, it can easily lift 6,000 LBS. Actually it’s a scissor lift design and based on compact layout.

Bendpak Portable Mid-Rise lift is a name of solidity, it can done its job with efficiently.

It is blessed with adjustable arm and safety lock that make it effective and safe at the same time. Another thing that it is also includes free truck adapter package, you can also use it with truck. I know its a superb news for truck owners.

Yes it is portable, you can move BendPak everywhere as you want. Small, compact design means it can easily store – Perfect choice for small garage or residential garage owners.

Safety is the primary thing whenever we choose car lift. Because mostly you’re working under the vehicle. Car lift should be good in quality.

Buying Reasons

  • Portable, easy to use everywhere
  • Easily storable
  • Affordable than other branded lifters
  • Extreme safety features
  • Easy and quick to use

Check Price on Amazon

2. QuickJack BL-50000SLX – Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift, 5,000lb


Let me introduce you another portable car lift that named QuickJack BL-5000SLX. It is too much similar with Bendpak. unless it’s too lightweight.

QuickJack BL-5000 has a very handy trick up its sleeve, You can easily change the height of the lift with its remote pendant control. You can easily raise car lift as per your choice from every every side of the car.

Power this car lift from 240 or 140v or if you have 12V battery then you can use with it.

Taking benefits from its small size, you can easily take car lift in your travel or want to transport it to use at the race track. Easy to store at every place when it is not needed.

It have two locks, one at mid level and second at full height, that ensure about your all the time safety.

Buying Reasons

  • 3″ clearance, easily fit under sport cars
  • Portable
  • Easily storable
  • Very low cost as compare to other lifters
  • Good safety benefits
  • Better usability
  • Remote for quick actions
  • Runs off 240v, 110v mains and 12v battery

Check Price on Amazon

3. Triumph NSS-8 8000 Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift


As we talk about scissor lift design, mostly it is better choice for all the lifting problems. But it can prevents you to reach the exhaust. You’re not able to work under the car, unless it is lifted up successfully.

If you really need to do some work under the car then Triumph NSS-8000 LBS 4 Post Storage Service Lift is a better and efficient choice for you.

Actually triumph is a dual purpose car lift, it can use to uplift the car or you can also used to store a car off the ground enabling you to park another car underneath.

Better and versatile machine for every home garage. Able to store multiple cars at a time, castor kit is also included.

Now you can catch any fluid that fall from upper car by using its drip tray and it also comes with jack trays, which allows you to jack up your car or truck when it is still on top of the lift, for additional height.

Buying Reason

  • You can store multiple vehicles
  • Extreme quality
  • Better stability
  • Portable car lift

Check Price on Amazon

4.  Auto Lift Car Park, 8 Car Storage Lift – 8,000 pounds


If you’re a mechanic or an owner of a home garage then you want to store multiple cars, Then Auto Life Car Park is a best choice for you.

Made for two things, used to store cars and make working on cars easier.

It can easily lift 8000 LBS, you can easily work on trucks and heavy weight cars. You just need 90 seconds to raise and lower a vehicle.

Also Jack Tray is included, which allows you to jack up the truck once it is on the platform. Its set of 3 drip trays that can easily fluid dripping things, remove your hassle for later cleaning.

Buying Reasons

  • Store multiple vehicles
  • Better brand quality
  • Better stability
  • Extreme portable
  • Extreme safety features
  • Drip and Jack trays included

Check Price on Amazon

5. Triumph NT-9 9000 Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Lift


Triumph NT-9 90000 LBS is an ideal choice for the ones who need a car lift with 2 posts. It can handle a vehicle around 9000 pounds and make your work more efficient.

Customers are happy after its usage and tell other mechanics to buy this 2 posts car lift definitely. It is affordable too as compare to other models I reviewed.

A best parts is its assembling, you can easily arrange Triumph and it’s easy to use. You don’t need to read manual again and again.

There is a great benefit of 2 post car lift over 4 post car lift, that you can save space in your residential garage. Additions it is less expensive and easy to assemble and use.

Buying Reasons

  • 90000 Extreme lifting power
  • Better for residential garages
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Better and affordable than 4 posts
  • You can use with trucks too

Check Price on Amazon

6. Dannmar MaxJax Portable 6,000-lbs. Capacity Portable 2-Post Lift


Dannmar MaxJax Portable 2-Post Lift is also a great 2 post car lift in the market with incredibly good consumer reviews. It is used for small cars because of its 6,000 LBS capacity.

But here is some advantage that Dannmar MaxJax is lighter, jut 8,800 LBS – Best portable option our there. Whenever you’re going to buy portable option then less weight should be a point of consideration.

No problem, if its capacity is just 6,000 LBS because many mid-size SUV’s weight between 3,000 to 5000 LBS. You can use these with your light weight vehicles.

Dannmar MaxJax also have an ability of safety lock mechanism like Triumph but the manufacturer used two separate hydraulic pumps rather than one.

Consumer don’t tired after using Dannmar in their residential garages. Can easily operate on 110V too if you don’t have 220V available.

Buying Reasons

  • Easy to move to a different location
  • Space-efficient design
  • Assembly is easy to accomplish

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7. Atlas Garage Pro 9000 Portable Heavy Duty 9,000 Lb Capacity 4 Post Lift


If you have a big vehicle and you want to lift, or you want to store one big vehicle underneath of another vehicle then Atlas Garage Pro 90000 is an ideal car lift for you.

Atlas blessed with extra tall and wide capacity, a length is about 227.5′ with approach ramps, lifting height is about 85′.

You need a little big garage to store Atlas Garage car lift because it is extra in length.

Better to use with heavy weight trucks, SUVs, or tractors. Atlas Garage Pro 9000 is an ideal choice for professional truck mechanics. Wider choice because of its strength.

Buying Features

  • Best for heavy giant vehicles
  • Extra wide capacity
  • Extreme strength
  • Portable technology

Check Price on Amazon

8. BendPak HDS-40 Lift – 4 Post, 40,000-lb. Capacity


Do you want to lift a semi truck or school bus. Then BendPak 40,000 LB HDS-40 four post is just a best choice for lifting purpose.

It a lifter with extreme strength, comes with 220 VAC single hydraulic motor. Both of the runways can lift at the same time. Its total length is about 297″ and total width is about 154″.

It’s a rear purchased product, because it is too expensive and not every mechanic can afford that.

If you’re a professional mechanic of heavy weight trucks and buses then without buying this you can’t show the efficiency of your work.

If you want to life more than 30,000+ LBS then BendPak HDS-40 Lift is just a single choice for you in the whole market.

Buying Reasons

  • Best for school buses & heavy trucks
  • Easily lift more than 30,000 LBS
  • Extreme length and widthness
  • Extreme strength
  • Only choice for bus and heavy truck mechanics

Check Price on Amazon

Best Car Lifts For Home Garage Buying Guide

Whenever you’re going to buy car lift then you should know about some things. Just for an example: Which car lift is best for your home garage or residential garage, which one do you need 2 post or 4 post car lift, How much heavy your car,truck or SUVs. Do you have enough space to placed every time in your garage or you need portable car lift to store when you don’t need it.

All these things are important to consider before buying car lift – Purpose is very important.

In this detail guide. I will reveal everything that every person should know before buying best car lift. These are many question all around, and I will try to answer all the question by time to time.

No matter that you need car lift for home garage or for residential garage or you need portable or whatever. Just read whole guide before buying any expensive car lift.

Best Car Lift For Home Garage : Best For Small Spaces


There are many car lifts available in the market but there are some car lifts that is suitable for home garages. Mostly home garages are small and you just need a car lift for your own need.


Triumph NT-9 9000 LBS Two Post are the best car lift for home garages

Best Residential Garage Car Lifts : Best For Small Spaces


Residential car lifts are same as like Home Garage car lift. Both are the synonyms. Home garage car lifts also works good in residential areas. Always two post car lift are best for residential garages.


Triumph NT-9 9000 LBS Two Post are the best car lift for residential garages

Best Car Lift Reviews : Most Reviewed Car Lift


In this guide I am showing the review of best car lift. 70% of us customers are finding the reviews before buying anything online. Let me show the most reviewed car lift all over the internet.


Triumph NT-9 9000 LBS Two Post are the most reviewed car lift on the internet.

Best 4 post car Lifts


4 Post car lift are the best for heavy weight vehicles. You can use it with small trucks and SUVs. It can also use to store vehicles when you’re out of space.


Triumph NSS-8 8000 Lbs 4 Post Storage Service are the best 4 post car lift.

Best Car Lifts For Small Garages


Most of the home garages are small and some of the garages are two. You should know about the width, length and height of your garage before buying any car lift for your small garage.


Triumph NT-9 9000 LBS Two Post are the best car lift for small garages.

Best Portable Car Lift


Portable car lift are widely used by most of the mechanics because it is portable and your can also move and store it in any where as you want.


BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor are the best portable car lift ever.

Best portable Car Lift For Home Garage


Now you need a portable car lift for your small home garage. Here I’m showing a small portable car lift that can easily fit in your small home garage.


BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor are the best portable car lift for home garages.

Best 2 Post Car Lift


Two post car lift is used by the mechanics who want to lift small cars with low weight. There are many 2 post car lifts but here I’m showing the best from all.


Triumph NT-9 9000 LBS Two Post are the best 2 post car lift.

What Cars Do You Use?

Now you feel the importance about the size and capacity of the lift. Be sure to know about the weight of your car or truck. Every time buy some car lift that can handle at least 20% more weight than your vehicle. Also, remember to consider the dimensions of the lift.

Make sure that the dimension of your car lift are greater than your car.

Now you know about the purpose, why you need car lift.? For Example: If you need just to repair fuel system then don’t buy scissor car lift because its component underneath frustrate you every time.

Types Of Car Lift

These are few types of car list. Find which type is best for your according to you need.

Low or Mid Rise Frame Car Lift For Home or Residential Garage

Low or Mid Ride Frame Car Lift are mostly used in residential or home garages. Garage should be small. Mostly use by newbie mechanics. They often use scissor and parallelogram method of lifting and raised or lower with electric hydraulics or with compressor air.Low-or-Mid-Rise-Frame

By using this low or Mid Rise Frame Car Lift, you don’t comfortability work underneath the car because of scissor and parallelogram method.

These lifts can be used for working on body work or for working on the wheels and do not provide complete access to the underneath of the vehicle.

Single Post Portable Car Lift For Garden Tractors, Golf Carts, ATVs/UTVs OR Motorcycle

It is not designed  for larger or heavy weight vehicles.single-post-lift

Just a best choice for every small spaces garage or when you have small load.

As I mentioned before that is best for Garden Tractors, Golf Carts, ATVs/UTVs OR Motorcycle.

Don’t raise heavy cars because its not made for that.

Two Post Surface Mounted Car Lift For Small Garages

2 post car lift is great when you have smaller space in your garage. What 2 post means? It means that your car raised on only 2 posts and this loads the floor in these areas only.Two-Post-Surface-Mounted

Floor would need to be constructed heavily enough to handle this burden without falling.

WIdely 2 post surface mounted car lift used in many mechanic shops and home garages. You can easily work underneath the car without any prevention and frustration.

Best to use while working on car’s fuel system, as well as exhaust too. These types of 2 post surface mounted car lift are slightly expensive as compare to other car lifts.

Multi Post Runway Car Lift For Trucks

Multi Post Runway Car Lift are best to use with trucks, or any heavy weight vehicle because it is made with solidity. If your garage have larger space then this 4 post lift may be best for you.Multi-post-runway

It can acquired more space than 2 post car lift but can handle twice weight too.

Better to use with larger vehicle, but you should check the manual guide before lifting any giant trucks and vehicles. Yes I know all the car lift are look similar but they are not working at the same way.

Scissor Car Lift

Most of the Scissors Car Lift are available in the market with different shapes and sizes with many different configuration.Scissor-truck-lift

It can below the ground as well as above the ground and also body or frame mounted.

You can easily lift whole automobile from backward or forward both.

In Ground Car Lift

These type of ground car lift are housed under the ground.

It have three benefits (Easy to use – Safe – Saving Space).in-ground-van-lift

It give you more space underneath the car and you can easily work without any hassle at any component you want.

If it is not is use, you can store cars or equipment on top.

Drive on Parallelogram Car Lift

Parallelogram car lift is quite different. It can move backward or forward while lifting a car in the air.Drive-On-Parallelogram-lift

Yes it is solid and best to use with large trucks and heavy weight vehicles. Mostly it can used in trucks and RV shops.

You need large capacity to store this parallelogram drive car lift. It cannot be able to fit in small or residential car lifts.

Benefits of 4 Post Car Lift

  • It can available in different lengths, lifting powers and adjustable too.
  • You can do most of the work like repairing brakes, suspension work or swing air jacks.
  • Properly equipped 4 post lifts can do alignments, and front-end adjustments.
  • Easy to set up for incredible productivity.
  • Mostly available with open front, easier to access underneath components.
  • Quick installation.
  • Easily maintain.
  • Can easily relocated from one garage to another.

How To Buy A Car Lift

In this detail guide, I’m also featured some important components that you need to consider before buying any car lift.

2 Post VS 4 Post Car Lift

Whenever you’re going to buy online then you noted that there are two type of car lift about post. One is 2 post and second one is 4 post. 4 post car lift is actually made to lift heavy weight vehicles and 2 post is used to lift mid-level vehicles. You need to know about the frequency of lifting that you need to perform.  When you’re going to buy 4 post car lift then you should be a professional mechanic and you can lift heavy vehicles. If you need a tall height range then buy 2 post car lift.

Capacity of the load

Whenever you are going to buy car lift, then you should know about its lifting capacity. Mostly Low Rise Lift can lift less than 3 tons and 2 Post Lifts can lift about 9 tons.

You should know about the car weight before buying any car lifter. For this purpose takeout car’s manual or search over the internet.

Lift height

Lift height is important for every mechanic. You need to know about the height that lifter can raise. Mostly mechanic need low rise car lift and use mechanic stool to work underneath the vehicle.

Buy Mechanic Stool Here

Speed of the lift

How much time it takes to raise and lower the vehicle. Some car lift are instant and some take few minutes to raise and lower the vehicle. Most of the busy mechanics need instant car lift technology because they don’t have too much time to see the car lift raise.

Width range

Now you need to focus about the car lift width before buying it. Because most of the times you need car lift with wider range when you’re a mechanic of SUV’s or any wider vehicle.

If you need for your car for home garage or residential garage then 100 inches hydraulic technology car lift is best fit for your. If you’re a mechanic of SUV’s and big giants trucks, then you need at least 132 wider car lift for better stability.

Lift material

Lift material is very important because it show about the long lasting, performance, heavy duties and strengths of the car lift. Because car lift is a tool that is slightly expensive as compare to other tool then you should buy with all your concentration and better to buy with some reputable brand for long term performance.

Better to buy car lift with that is made up of steel material. Because that doesn’t corrode, good resistance against substance like car oil. Just steel make car lift little heavier to move.

Ease of use

When you buy car lift. Then it should be easy to use. Like if you’re a beginner then it will not make an issue in future. Most of the car lifts are just push and play, you just have to push a button and your car will raise and lower on one direction.


Minimum warranty is about 1 year. Please don’t buy any car lift without warranty. Protect you investment by buying warranty product. Car lift is mostly expensive, warranty is a primary thing that you should consider.

Garage / Workshop Height Explanation


You need to know about your garage height, width and length before buying any type of car lift.

Mostly 4 post car lift raise the car with the height of 14 feets. Mostly mechanic need open area when they are working with trucks and giant vehicles.

Keep in mind that fixtures, doors, and heating components need to be in consideration when car is in raised position.

Mechanic Chair Option For Low Ceiling Garages

When you have low ceiling garage, then you go with a 2 post car lift. Now you need to work underneath but space is too minium to stand straight and work. Here you need some sort of mechanic chair to work with comfortability.

Buy Mechanic Stool Here

Should I Need A Concrete Floor For Car Lift?

You have to know about the floor of your garage. Do you think that almost 10000 LBS of weight survived on your floor then it’s okay. Otherwise you have to change your floor with concrete.

All the weight is going to concentrated on few points of the floor, their feet require some support.

Most of the mechanic drill some holes where they placed the car lifts to get some more support.

Car Lift Operating and Safety

When you raise the car using car lift and your vehicle now is in the air. Now you’re working underneath the vehicle and your whole life is now at the risk.

Whenever you’re going to assemble the car lift, make sure it’s perfectly stable and call your expert friend to re-check again.

Better to use manual again and again before assembling the whole car lift.

If you’re not following the brand recommendation about the weight capacity then its a risk to your life. Make sure to know about the lifting capacity of your car lift tool.

Please don’t take it as a advice. It’s a precaution – Don’t lift heavy cars that is against the brand recommendation.

Car Lift Maintenance

Every brand tell some maintenance recommendation about their car lift tool for long lasting life. Better to clean it after every use. You have to check about the integrity of the welds, cables, hydraulic hoses and locking mechanism time to time to prevent yourself from any big problem.

Don’t do anything by yourself, if you don’t know. Just read manual before doing any maintenance with your car lift. Better to call expert if you can’t understand about the manual.

Best Car Lift Brands

As I research – Ammco is the best maker and selling brand for Car Lift. Every big brand have some strong competition based on performance, reliability and the quality of their product. Mostly expensive Car Lifts are good in performance.

Other brands that creates incredible car lifts are BendPak, Triumph and Dannmar.

Where To Buy Car Lift Online

There are many 2 post car lift around the universe, but according to our recommendation it can charge your around $1200 – $1500. Mostly there are many brands that are little affordable but this price is same as you should expect.

And as we all know Amazon is biggest online company because of its reputation in the universe and also the most convenient way source for buying. You can easily filter the less expensive vendor on Amazon.

How Do You Install A Car Lift

So now you know about the relation of size and weight. Biggest vehicles lifts are heavy in weight otherwise small lifts are around 12000 LBS.

Mostly Amazon Vendors ship whole Car Lift in one wooden box than can deliver in a delivery truck and can download at your home garage.

You need some people to help the delivery boy, mostly two or more delivery boy download your car lift at your garage.

Once you unboxed in the garage, you see many part laying on the ground that includes PowetHead, Oil Reservoir tank and Equalizing Cables. Please read all the instruction manual before assembling any car lift parts.

Once you assemble all the things on the floor now you need some force to stand the car lift straight and start you efficient work as you want.


So now we know if we want to work underneath or store a car in a small place, then car lift is the best option for that. We also know about the types that car lift comes in scissor, 2 post and 4 post technologies. Every steel made car lift determine about its strength and strongness.

Mostly home garage users stop their self to buy car lift because it is too expensive but now I see mostly home garage or residential garage owners love to buy car lift. You can easily store your car out there.

Now you know car lift is expensive, so you want to read a detail research before purchasing. Read our research carefully – We spend hours on research and identify these car lift, it that will surely overcome your lifting and storing problems.