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Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

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Today I want to tell you about the top 10 cool automotive tools that are available in the market and all these tools are also use as a gift for automotive lovers.

In which some tools are evergreen and some are new in the market that blow your mind. Some are new inventions too.

Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

Every tool has some benefits in your daily life. Every problem have a solution and we called it as an invention. In future everything will be more easier and usable.

Most of the tools you know about, and some are new for you. But I promise all of these tool are cool and also use as a gift.

1. JEGS 81526 Portable 5 Gallon Parts Washer – Cool Automotive Tools

Purpose : Used to wash automotive tools at one place

JEGS 81526 is actually a washing solution of your automotive parts. Actually it’s a portable and too light to handle and carry. Now you can easily wash your tool at one place without any hesitation.Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

Its size is 5-gallon bucket. It can easily placed in your garage.


  • Capacity: 5 Gallons
  • Solvent space: 3.5 Gallon
  • 110V/60Hz
  • Overall Size: 17.375″ L x 14.25″ W x 8.75″ H
  • Max Pump Output: 3.96 gpm

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2. GearWrench 85988 12 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Metric XL – Cool Automotive Tools

Purpose : 12 piece of ratcheting wrench for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts.

Every automotive lover need some tools for their own. So here introducing 12 piece of Ratcheting Wrench Metric XL. Just buy if you don’t have a complete set because its too affordable and value of money.Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

It works too fast and better grip to tighten the nuts and bolts and now you loose old stuck bolts. You can tighten a bolt much faster than with a socket and ratchet.

It is also used as a gift for your automotive lover friend.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Blow molded case
  • 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm 16mm 17mm 18mm 19mm
  • Ratcheting wrenches are made from finest chrome vanadium steel

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3.  Motivx Tools Large Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench Cool Automotive Tools

Purpose : Used to remove oil filter from a car.

It is one of the most helpful and cool tool ever in the market. When you grabbed a wrong oil filter then how you eject. Tool companies invented this Large Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench to overcome this problem and it can be use as a universal oil filter removal socket.Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

It actually grab oil filter with ease. It works on 3-4″ diameter mostly on large cars and trucks. For smaller car’s you need Motivx Tool Mx2330, its a same product but for different size oil filter.


  • Just to remove oil filter not for installation
  • Better design
  • Better quality material
  • 1 year warranty

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4. ABOX 1500A Peak Car Jump Starter Cool Automotive Tools

Purpose: It is used to charge a battery while travelling.

ABOX 1500A is actually a jump starter for your car battery. Most of the car’s have built-in jump starter but they are not reliable anymore. Because their engineering is very poor.Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

In every battery come up with some pretty affordable battery jumper packs. By using ABOX 1500A you can easily start your battery whenever its down and works abnormal.


  • 3rd Generation Jump Starter
  • All gasoline and diesel engines up to 6.5L
  • Fastest Ever Recharge: just 4 hours. Recharge 3 times faster than conventional charging
  • Compact and Durable

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5. Tornador Black Car Cleaning Gun Cool Automotive Tools

Purpose: Gun to pressure clean the dirty carpets, stains and car seats.

Tornador Black Car Cleaning Gun is look weird but its too cool and effective. It works like a magic on dirty carpets, stains and car seats. They are used by professional detailer and Diyers.Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

This product is featured on Most Wished List on Amazon. You can also gift this tool to anyone who loves their car and always try to clean it.

It actually use compressed air from compressor to shoot cleaner into soiled items.

You need some cleaner to process. I recommend Meguiar’s D10101 Detailer for better results.


  • Incredible power with a very small air compressor.
  • The designers increased power but reduced air consumption and noise.
  • 2x power of the Tornador Classic.
  • Best for 240V compressors.

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6. BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool Cool Automotive Tools

Purpose: Scan problems of your vehicle and define solutions

OBD2 Means (On Board Diagnostic tool). It is used to find the problems of the car and give you a better solution to do.Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

It works when you connect it with OBD2 port then it will process and give you some error codes and you can find the meaning of those error codes using your phone app.

Every OBD2 brand have their own app for android and Ios operating system.

Most of the car have different OBD2 scanner like recently I posted an article related to OBD2 scanner for BMW


  • Professional diagnostic tool
  • Licensed with Android and Ios Operating system
  • Better in quality
  • Portable scan tool
  • Affordable for new users and home mechanics

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7. DEPSTECH Waterproof LCD Borescope W/ 10ft Cord Cool Automotive Tools

Purpose: Show you the inner problems of you car’s engine or any inner part.

Depstech waterproof LCD borescose help you to see inner work, you can easily see the cylinder walls and inside the engine without any effort. Most of the advance mechanics use this tool to check which thing is working and which is not.Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

With the help of Borescope you can check the inner issues of your car and easily determine which part having issues and repair or replace that specific part.

You can also show inner snaps of borescope and tell your customer’s car problems with proof. They can easily trust you when they see clear picture of the inner problems.


  • Blue LED technology to see inner dark areas
  • 3.5 Inch color LCD show you the real big picture
  • Image capturing and video recording
  • Complete waterproof

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8. Power Probe III Circuit Tester w/Lead Set Kit Cool Automotive Tools

Its an entry level power probe that got much love by technicians. Actually it’s a basic multimeter that can measure voltage, current, and resistance. It gives 12v power ground to connectors. Better to use for accurate electrical diagnosis.Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

You can also use this to check car fuse in very low time. It’s a combination of four tools including Multimeter, Test Light, 12v power and 12v ground.


  • Supplies power for functional component testing
  • Digital Volt and Ohmmeter
  • Large LCD display
  • Fuel injector tester

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9. Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper Cool Automotive Tool

Capri Tools 20010 is a precise wire tripper tool for perfection. It’s too ugly thing to work and most of the times it gets wrong. This tool prevents you from any wire stripping problems and one of the most cool automotive tool.Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

It works very fast and exact amount of wire stripper every time. According to the research it will save mechanic 50% of time eventually. Best to use when you’re doing electronic work in your car like installing radios, alarms, aftermarket lights etc.


  • Precise setting according to your need
  • Made with cast allow
  • Convenient design and best wire grip
  • Better stripping holes are machined precise.

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10. GearWrench 85299 5 Piece Metric S-shaped Ratcheting Wrench – Cool Automotive Tool

GearWrench 85229 is based on 5 pieces of Ratcheting Wrench that includes 10x12mm, 11x13mm, 14x16mm, 15x17mm and 19x22mm. It can easily reach around obstruction because of its “S” shape.Top 10 Cool Automotive Tools

Many professional mechanics love this tool because of its quality and usability. It’s a great invention right now, because now you can easily handle bolts that secured in inner spaces of your car.

It can handle your frustration and also save your most of time while repairing and replacing specific parts of your vehicle.


  • 5 pieces of different sizes
  • Reach at every place because of its S shape
  • Make your work faster as possible

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In this list I placed top 10 cool automotive tools for you, no matter you’re a professional or home mechanic. They will work for you everytime. Now you just want to buy any of the tool that you like.

You can also gift this cool automotive tool to your tool lover friend. These automotive tool are the greatest invention and eventually make your work faster and easier as possible.