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Symptoms of Bad Fuel Injector

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The fuel injector is an important component of an engine and it is found in every vehicle. We found some symptoms of bad fuel injector that should be in your knowledge.

It is basically a nozzle that is used to jostle a fuel into the engine and it is controlled by an engineering system that pushes the fuel time to time to increase the performance.

These injectors are found in most of the road going vehicles but some of the injectors come up of different types.

When your fuel injector is not working well then it directly effects on your engine’s performance.

Changing fuel injector is not mandatory, you can also clean it by using best fuel injector cleaner by yourself.

These are some symptoms that are perceived by most of the experienced drivers and mechanics that caused by fuel injector problem.

When Check Engine Light Turns On

One of the clearest symptom of the failure of fuel injector when check engine light comes on.

It happens when fuel injector becomes clogged or cause a little misfire or some electrical issue occur then its engineering algorithm alert the driver using check engine light.

Light is not only turning on when fuel injector problem occurs but it also blinks when some other engine issues occurred.

Please correct your check engine light system to detect the problem in their initial stage before facing any big issue in the future.

The role of the injector is dominant because it allows fuel to flow in the engine, as a prime component movement of car indirectly depends on it.

If you experienced check engine light alert and can’t detect the problem so finally here is the issue.

Check your fuel injector as soon as possible and prevent yourself from any big future problem.

If you don’t know any of the inside mechanical things of your car so please contact your trusty mechanic and tell the whole story of your symptoms and replace your Fuel Injector under any expert supervision.

Engine misfires and decrease acceleration and Power

As we debated before, that fuel injector is an important component of an engine and it will directly affect the performance of an engine.

If fuel injector has an issue then this problem will also affect air-fuel fuel ratio power and performance of an engine will hurt badly.

Bad or failing fuel injector cause engine misfires, mostly engine loss their acceleration efficiency and power and reduction of fuel is the most usual problem or at sometimes engine stuck and stop running.

Fuel odour

Another usual symptom of a bad or failing fuel injector is a fuel smell.

How is it possible?

The fuel injector is responsible for holding high pressure which sometimes can cause them to puncture from the nozzle side that is the front tip of the fuel injector.

When fuel leaks then it drops into the combustion chamber of the engine and produce some little fuel burning smell.

This leakage of fuel injector badly affect combustion chamber and on overall performance and efficiency of an engine.

Be serious about this problem and change Fuel Injector as soon as possible because falling excessive fuel on combustion chamber is not good with the perspective of safety.

Final Words

These are the few symptoms that occur when fuel injector facing any problem but it doesn’t mean that these problems only occur just because of failing fuel injector.

These symptoms explained just to increase your knowledge about your car and their problems.

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