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OBD2 Scanner For BMW

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Every car have different inner functions and different problems. There are many diagnosing tool in the market that helps you to identify the problem. There are some OBD2 scanner that works efficiently with BMW.

So now you get an engine problem with your BMW. Or now you want to diagnose your car’s advanced problems.

Here in this article, I want you to tell about the best OBD2 scanner for your BMW car. That helps you to identify the advanced issues with your car.

Best OBD2 Scanner For BMW

There are many OBD2 scanner available in the market. But some are compatible with BMW or some are not. Just follow my list and will end up find a best OBD2 scanner for BMW.

1. FOXWELL NT510 OBD2 Scanner For BMW

FOXWELL Nt510 is come up with reasonable price and incredible features. It can help you to diagnose an advanced issues with your BMW car.

There are many special functions like Brake deactivation, battery registration and oil light information. Its an ideal tool for your BMW vehicle.

It will also have generic error codes and also have manufacturer specific informations. Its an ideal for home mechanics and also efficient for professionals.

There are a lot of functionality in this BMW OBD scanner, now you don’t need to buy any advanced OBD2 scanner. Even you don’t need a phone or seperate app.

Buying Features

  • Read standard and advanced codes
  • Also diagnose electric and brake problems

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2. MAOZUA V7.7 Creator C310+ OBD2 Scanner For BMW

MAOZUA V7.7 Creator C310 is a cheap and affordable code reader for BMW models after 2000. It doesn’t have many features like most expensive models, but you can still diagnose many advanced problems and view live diagnostic data.

It can helps you to identify the “engine light” BMW problems and also show you the potential ways to overcome that problem.

Creator C310 Plus supports ABS, SRS. It can also read and check your engine light codes. Its free software patches via USB cable and you can use it with any BMW cars.

Buying Features

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Diagnose advanced issues with BMW
  • Read engine light codes and clear it

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3. Original Carly OBD2 Scanner For BMW

Original Carly is a best BMW scanner for your BMW car, it can also connect an app with your phone and with your car computer.

It doesn’t come up with advanced app, it will let your view error codes right out of the box. You have to buy app update to access advanced functionality and diagnose more efficiently.

Its improved and better usability make it much easier for everyone to use. Its app have many exciting interfaces and you can use it with your phone high resolution screen.

Buying Features

  • Connect with app or with your car’s computer
  • Advanced functionality
  • Better usability

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4. Vgate Creator V6.2 C310 Plus OBD2 Scanner For BMW

Vgate Creator V6.2 c310 have very same functionality like Moazua V7.7. Works with same software, and available in same price.

You can buy any product from both of them because they don’t have any big difference. Just buy which is slightly cheaper in price.

You can easily find our check engine light issues by using this OBD2 scanner. You can use it if you’re a home mechanic because it can give a better and logical reason of the issue.

It is much cheaper than other OBD2 models and also have an ability to remove error codes from your BMW.

Easy to use interface, easily manage to diagnose BMW problem in few seconds.

Buying Features

  • Much cheaper
  • Better for home mechanics
  • Easy to use

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5. VXDIAG MULTI DIAG Professional OBD2 Scanner For BMW

VXDIAG MULTI DIAG is a plug and play technology, allow you to directly plug with your car.

It’s not a much user friendly OBD2 Scanner and you have to buy its additional software for professional use. It can find extreme advanced issues of your car because of its incredible performance.

It a full professional OBD2 scanner for your car. Set of 12 tool and a best pick for you. It includes programming modules, advanced diagnostics, coding, and you can access hidden advanced features of your car.

This OBD2 scanner tool doesn’t have its own screen to show the results. You have to connect it with your computer, tablet or laptop too see detail graphs and solve it with more efficiency.

Buying Features

  • Plug n Play scanner
  • Better for professional use
  • Find extreme advanced issues of your BMW
  • 12 in 1 tools

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What is OBD2 Scan tool

OBD2 stands for On Board Diagnostic tool, helps to find out the problem of your BMW car. It should be compatible with  most of the cars and trucks that have OBD2 ports.

Their seconds iteration is just an improved version of OBD. Improved their connectors, code designation and the communication protocols.

On Board Diagnostic (OBD2) is a diagnostic tool that is used to find the problems from the car’s system. It is basically a general and standardized system, that is easily compatible with the cars and the trucks.

Do I Need a BMW Scan tool

Now you keep remember one thing that BMW car’s is not compatible with non-BMW scan tool.

Because when OBD2 scanner pass out some issue information to the scanner then OBD2 scanner with BMW compliant software only understand that issue and helps you to resolve.

Some OBD2 scanner can work with BMW vehicles but it may need some special feature because of its weird pin configuration then it will read all the transform data.

Using an OBD2 Scanner for BMW To Save Money

All scanner that I put in my list are cheaper and value of money. You will not regret after buying that scanner for your BMW.

Most of the mechanics kill your precious time and most of them are not professional and don’t know what the problem is. By using scanner tool you can easily know which part to repair and which to replace and also save your precious time.

Now mechanics don’t abuse your feelings and also don’t dementate you because you have your own home scanner.

Will My Scan Tool Last?

Yes. I know you’re here to buy scan tool for BMW but it doesn’t mean that you don’t use same OBD2 scanner with other cars. OBD2 is actually a universal form and every car have OBD2 port.

By just purchasing a single scanner will help you and your family, friends and colleagues for identifying the advanced issues with their vehicles.


Every car have OBD2 port to send error codes, but most of the OBD2 scanner don’t have BMW compliant software to understand their codes sending by OBD2.

That’s why here I just wrote a list of Best OBD2 scanner for BMW to understand your car advanced issues.

By just buying these OBD2 scanner you can also use it with many car models and brands.