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Is There Any Side Effects of Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner

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What is Fuel Injector Cleaner

A much dramatic and problematic engine performance is more than a headache for car’s driver. Long Hesitations and much rough idling and some misfired are directed towards a bad fuel injectorWhat is fuel injector cleaner

Fuel Injector Cleaner is cleaning solution that helps fuel injector to recover from hardcode carbon deposits. Eventually they will increase their performance, decrease exhaust emission and dramatically increase fuel economy.

When You Put Too Much Fuel Injector Cleaner in Your Car

First, I want to clear one thing that every car have different consumption of cleaning solution. Some company car’s have lower capacity and some have higher.

It’s your responsibility to figure out by reading yours car manual and if you don’t have then contact your responsible mechanic.

Most of the cleaners available in the market have very low quality. They are not be able to clear the harcode deposit of your fuel injector. Eventually it will not really improve your car’s performance at all.

Please clear at once that don’t use cheaper companies gas, diesel or petrol for your cars because their carbon deposit are much hardcore ever.

None of fuel injector cleaner even lucas aren’t in position to clean that glue like carbon deposit. In the end you will have to replace your fuel injector.

In willn’t only damage your injector but your piston and  carburettors are also affected. Make promise to use high rated companies fuel because it will pay off you in future.

You are not be affected, If you are using according to the recommendation of the cleaning solution makers because they know about their product consumption and usage.

Is there Any Side Effects of Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner?

There are many myths and black marketing techniques that spread by competitors to control the hype and decrease the sells of the product. Lucas fuel system cleaner problems

Lucas is the victim of  that particular technique. If I tell you that lucas is one of the most valuable product in the market that it is not a myth any more.

You just control the quantity of fuel injector cleaner according to the consumption and capacity of your car. This formula will helps your to get the maximum benefit from lucas fuel injector cleaner.

Lucas fuel injector cleaner is one of the greatest option for both gas and diesel engines.

There is some specific quantity like when I was using then I put just four ounces when I filled 13 gallons of fuel tank. Eventually, It will give a better results and you fell a dramatic difference after some time.

You ride will be more smoother and enjoyable, when your fuel is low then first add lucas oil then fill a tank with a fuel. It will gift a better fuel economy.

I didn’t said that, that lucas don’t have any pro’s and con’s. Every products have some good and bad features.


  • Lucas have greatest features.
  • Produced by one of the reputable company in the market.
  • It comes in different container sizes according to your need.
  • Acceptable and affordable price.


  • Lucas is not just for use to clean fuel injector but it is also helps to remove carbon deposit of piston and carburettors. So overall its a general purpose product. So its cleaning agent is not that much powerful. It might be possible that is not be able to clean some hardcore deposit. But after regular use your will definitely feel a difference.


Lucas Fuel System Cleaner is much reputable product in the market. There is no side effects at all of this cleaning solution, just because of general purpose cleaner it  is capable to use for whole fuel system that’s why just a little but less powerful than a specific cleaner.

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