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How To Replace Fuel Injector of Your Car

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There are many things are going to happen like less engine power, reduced fuel efficiency, rough engine performance and black exhaust then it is necessary to replace fuel injector now. Fuel injector is basically used to push the right amount of fuel towards the combustion chamber of your engine.

When fuel injector hurtled then air and fuel is not mixed in a right way and eventually your engine could faced many issues.

You can read fuel injector working here. I wrote it with all my efforts and experiences.

It is mandatory to learn about fuel injector replacement because it is trouble-free and unchallenged.

First Follow Your Safety Please

Safety is very important whenever you’re going to work with your car. It is too necessary when you’re trying to deal with fuel system and fuel system cleaner.

It’s important to release pressure from your fuel lines before disconnecting. It is mandatory before doing any inner experiments. 

Remove all electrical wires from wire car like battery wire attachment and etc. Remove any flammable material from your work space.

Eye safety is must. Wearing dark goggles protect your eyes from any future issues. Buy Goggles here.

Gloves is also necessary to protect your hand from harmful chemicals and sharp edges of fuel system components. Buy Gloves here.

Testing Fuel Injector

Testing is very important. Before replacing its a good idea to check fuel injector first. There are many ways to check.

First we have to start our car’s engine and try to figure out is their any vibration or not? or any rear sound coming from engine.

We have also some instruments called [ohmmeter – Buy here] and [multimeter – Buy here] to test our fuel injectors. Just connect fuel injector with the tester connector and check their accurate current status.

You can also test injector by attaching a [Noid light – Buy here] with an injector. Turn on your car engine and connect a light with an injector and when light is blinking then its good if there is no light emitting then your injector is busted.

Releasing Pressure

First you have to find relief valve and release pressure from the fuel lines. You can also locate relay switch or the fuse if you don’t find relief valve. Turn your ignitions for sometime before detaching fuse and keep you car on until their is no fuel left in the lines.

Fuel Rails Disconnecting 

Many of the car come up with a fuel rail that transmit fuel to the injector. Now you have to detach fuel line. Remove any screws that cover the fuel rail. Use your car’s manual that helps you to remove your fuel rail.

Many of the cars don’t have fuel rail, then you can start replacing fuel injector without any fuel rail detachment. Again. you can check manually that you car’s have fuel rails or not.

Detaching Fuel Injector

Fuel injector is connected with some plug that is attached to wire. In which most of the plugs shielded with a spring wire that can easily pull of with screwdriver. Carefully open a screw by inserting screwdriver in between the spring and the plug.

How To Get Out The Fuel Injector

It’s your mandatory task that you have to remove fuel injector with harming fuel rail. First you have to inspect the nozzle of fuel injector, mostly their O-ring sells. Mostly O-ring is still in intake manifold then you have to remove from manifold first before continuing.

First you have to remove the retainer because most of the car’s come up with a retainer to secure the fuel rail.

Don’t made mistake here. Now you need [Fuel Injector Puller – Buy here] to remove fuel injector with any harmful aspects. It doesn’t only remove fuel injector but also preserving the engine’s integrity.

After removing fuel injector their is big hole left in intake manifold, just protect it and prevent any thing from falling into the hole.

Replace Old With New Fuel Injector

Most of the car’s come up with throttle body then you should read manual book before replace fuel injector. Please replace injector retainer bracket too if it is hurted. Tighten the retainer bracket bolts and hook fuel injector harness and electrical connectors to the fuel injectors.

When your vehicle manufactured with fuel rail then install new parts according to the new fuel injector. Clear carbon first from these items. Now place fuel injector in the intake port and give slightly push until they placed in the right area.

Now put fuel rail around the fuel injector and tighten the bolts and screws. Now connect the main lines again that you removed before.

No To Leaks

Now it is not done yet. As you know, you removed the main fuel lines and also removed the fuel rail. Now you have to check about the leaks in the fuel system.

To check the leakage, firs you need a [combustible gas detector – Buy here]. Then fill you fuel lines with fuel and turn on your car’s engine. Turn on and off the ignition to spread the fuel in all main lines completely.

Now use combustible gas detector and connect sensor with fuel line connection. Now sensor show you the figures if there is any leakage found in your fuel system.

Test Drive

Now its a time to test your car. Check out the sounds or any vibrations coming from the engine as they should. Also check your engine warning lights at instrument panel. If anyhow you car still vibrating or produce rear sounds so now your engine have  a different problem with your fuel system.

Whenever you want to replace fuel injector then right choice of tools drastically remove your stress level and make your replacement effortless. If you don’t have a guts to get a risk then contact with your trustable mechanic to get the things done for you. You can also check best fuel injector cleaner review if you don’t want to replace your fuel injector.