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How Does a Fuel Injector Work?

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Car is not just a thing to drive and complete your journey for the sake of destination. You should understand about their internal components and how they works, and how we taking care of them to keep them working smoothly.

There is one big difference between old and modern cars and it is something what we called control. New Modern cars have control on everything.

Let we talk about Fuel Injector, as you know right amount of fuel flow could impact directly to our car performance. It is necessary to provide a maximum fuel to the engine according to their need for maximum performance.

Old ages cars do not have perfect carbureted system to provide fuel to the engine, Nowadays things are changed.

Modern cars gifted with an ability to provide maximum fuel to the engine and we called it as a Fuel Injector.

In this article I am trying to tell you how actually Fuel Injector Works.

Issues in Engine Fuel Delivery

First you have to know how engine exactly works. Let me tell your their working.

When air and fuel combined or mixed in the combustion chamber to represent controlled explosion and turn engine into power mode.

Now amount of fuel is very sensitive to power the engine in the right way.

If we put too much rich fuel then engine could be choked and when we put lean or too little fuel then their is some possibility that engine couldn’t be start.

To power up the engine in the right way, we need correct amount of fuel and air that could combined in the combustion chamber.

It’s not an easy task to correctly combine the air and fuel in assigned quantity because it depends on many factors. When some ages before there was a big issue in carbureted engines, because in which there is only one carburetor and they have a job to supply fuel to all the cylinder so they can transfer more to the nearest cylinder and farthest one get minimum fuel because of less pressure. That’s why that engines need two carburettors to supply the maximum fuel to the cylinders. It is much difficult for carbureted engine to sync air and fuel in the right way.

To overcome this issue big giants introduce a more efficient system to provide more precise amounts of fuel.

At that day we awarded with Fuel Injection System.

What is Fuel Injection System?

There are many inventions happened in the industry of Automobile but Fuel Injection System is the most incredible.

Actually they introduced a type of sensing mechanist to determine the correct amount of fuel that need to be put in the engine.

They can easily spray computed amount in every cylinder because of their sensing mechanism. There is not just a one type of fuel injection but there is two. One is Indirect and the other one is Direct. There is actually a type of engine that we have available in the market.

Direct Fuel Injection System

There are some direct engine designed that needs a fuel to be delivered directly into the combustion chamber. Cylinder is already filled with air.

When fuel is putted into the cylinder then it self-ignites. Most of the diesel engine working like this. Most of the diesel engine put fuel to a pre-combustion chamber before putting in to the cylinder.

Indirect Fuel Injection System

Most of the petrol cars have indirect technology of fuel injection system. In this strategy, fuel is transfer to the engine from the fuel tank then fuel is delivered to the intake port or the intake manifold.

In which the mixture could be mixed that passes through the inlet or manifold because mixture is to transfer in to the combustion chamber.

Nowadays modern cars come up with the technology of multi-point injection system. I which, each cylinder have their own specific Fuel Injector that makes injection much powerful and accurate.

But this is much irritating while maintenance and when you found some problem in fuel system.

One other thing, I just want you to know that most of the cars have single point fuel injection system, it means they have one fuel injector for every two cylinder.

Both direct and indirect fuel injection system are much better than useless carbureted engine.

What Are Fuel Injector? Explanation

Fuel Injector is a device that is used in modern engines to transfer fuel to the combustion chamber, in both directly or indirectly format. This device is typically situated in the specific position or an angle to fire the fuel towards the engine or sometimes into the cylinder.

How Fuel Injector Works

Working of Mechanical Fuel Injector

A Mechanical Fuel Injection is working same as like carburetor engine but their is a some major difference that carburetor engine transfer less pressure gas from the tank and mechanical engine deliver high pressure fuel to an accumulator. Mechanical Fuel Injector

It is working like a temporary storage for the fuel. After from there, fuel passes to the metering control unit and then distributed to the cylinders in an equal quantity.

Fuel is injected into the inlet port, that is situated in the air intake of engine that fuel and air should be mixed before entering into the cylinder.

When we accelerated then amount of air would be increased and amount of air also increased to maintain the balance.

When fuel is not spitted in to the port then valve of fuel injector remains closed. When fuel is sent to mix then because of fuel opened the value and allow fuel to be spitted.

Working of Electronic Fuel Injector

Now moderns cars have ECU system, called Electronic Injection System. This mechanism is same as Mechanical Fuel Injection system but it is independent, there is no need of fuel and spring tension to open and close the valve of injector. They used highly efficient ECU that easily control fuel mixture, control idle speed, manages ignition timing and also control valve timing.

It is working as same like mechanical Fuel Injection System but they used ECU to make the process automatic.

In ECU we found a sensor that measure air intake temperature, speed of engine and temperature and process that data to injected the describe amount of fuel in the cylinder of engine.

Valve of fuel injector also process that data and they know how to open and close for fuel spitting.

All these process of getting and computing the data happened is some seconds.