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General Grabber AT2 Review

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Whenever you want to upgrade from all season tires to more specified all terrain tire, mostly you will find something called General Grabber AT2.

General Grabber AT2 founded by general tires to enhance the performance and durability.

It is mostly used in trucks and SUV to perform well in all the situations.

There is a difference between all season tire and all Terrain tires, and it is also stamped with snowflake symbol, it is made to use for the whole year.

In this review we are going to go depth and trying to find out the features of General Grabber AT2.

  • 5 Tread Rows with many traction angles
  • Better acoustics
  • Tremendous deep tread
  • Long lasting tread life
  • Better for snow conditions


  • Mostly stiff on solid surfaces
  • Little expensive

Off-Road Performance

General Grabber AT2 is one of the best performer for off-roading. It is not only used for the truck or casual off-roaders, but it is the one of the most popular product in the community. general grabber at2

It is providing the optimal traction, mostly on off- roads and dry roads. Get rid of the general grabber AT2 as 5 rows of blocks.

Better and deeper trades than any other standard or conventional tires, helps to increase the traction and performance as well.

Better traction means better grip on dry and sandy surfaces.

Wet Road Performance

General Grabber AT2 it is not only work on off-road but also perform in wet or slippery conditions or surfaces.

It is just because of deep tread that stops water to get in your tire and assists it to work efficiently, the traction of tire keep stable.

Even brakes also works good, there is no big difference between dry or wet surfaces. Not all Terrain Tires works great on wet surfaces, even they slipped most of the times.

General Grabber AT2 is the rear one who control their self in wet or in dry surfaces too.

Dry Road Performance

General Grabber AT2 is one of the finest invention for off-road surfaces, no matter you’re a regular driver or not, it is still give you the better performance each and every day.

The main reason of inventing General Grabber AT2 is to maintain a same tire for on/off-road, whatsoever the situation is.

It is also used for the heavy trucks that is just used to transmit heavy or bulky products from one side to another.

General grabber AT2 is an ideal tire for the one who needs a car just for the weekend and go for the adventures or a camping so it’s a great buy for the weekend achievers too.

Snowy Road Performance

So we talked about off-road and on-road performance but General Grabber AT2 also meets the requirements of RMA and RAC and works good in snow too.  general grabber at2 snow

As I stated before that it also have snowfall symbol on the tire, so you can easily drive your car in snowy conditions.

General Grabber AT2 also have small indents did give you the option for better attraction in slippery surfaces, keep remember one thing that most of the provinces and States do not allow studded tires because they accelerate the way of the road, make sure your province should allow that.

5 rules of tread blocks provide you a better traction in heavy snow in the composition of the rubber stop stiffening in cold conditions, you can easily drive on snowy surfaces and easily prevents from slippage.

General grabber AT2 works as a full year tire, mostly drivers used in summers but it is also good in snow seasons. It is fall in all terrain tire list for its tremendous performance.

Tire Rubbing Noise

Here you think that because of downside like all Terrain and season tyres General Grabber AT2 also make an excessive amount of noise, or do some vibration etc.

But now you are getting all wrong, General Grabber AT2 dramatically quiet. Their tread pattern don’t make any noise like most of the aggressive tread tires because of its engineered acoustic tread pattern.

Even no noise in highway too, where most of the luxury towing tires also make little noise.

General Grabber AT2 looks great while driving, looks matter as we know.

Tread Life

As we know performance matter, but there is no chance that we are going to buy that tire, that have little life. Now we are talking about General Grabber AT2, happily its is long-lasting tire of the history.general grabber at2 review

When you’re on off-road then its double v-pattern increase the level of comfort and durability too. Internally it is also blessed with two twin steel belts and that is wrapped around nylon.

Treat life not easily measured because your way of using your vehicle matters, even driving habits and driving surfaces too. It is between notice any wear from 20,000 to 40,000 miles but some of the consumer review that, that it is passed around 70,000 miles .

General Grabber AT2 is a type of long-term investment without any worry of changing them according to the seasons.

Just check it out the consumer review at

I have worn out my first set 64000 km, still have 6mm tread on them, I am very happy with these tyres that I purchased another 4. I recently did a 13000 km trip from Victoria to Cairns, across the Gulf, down the centre and the deserts, on the old set. I know this model has discontinued so I suggest you get them while you can.


As I stated that, that General Grabber AT2 is all terrain tire, that is suitable with light weight SUVs and trucks. Also available in many sizes because of its popularity and usage.

You can find General Grabber AT2 by using Amazon tool according your car’s specifications.

General Grabber AT2 comes in different aspects ratios and ratings too. You can easily order the best tire according to your tire and specifications. Before buying size is the most important thing that matters.

Remember one thing, that not all the tire stamped with snowfall symbol because it do not pass the way they tested.  Mostly all of them works great, but if you just need for snowy condition so first check snowfall symbol on the tire.

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