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10 Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

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Driving car is all about fun when you’re interested in driving. Even when auto lovers going for a long drive they also get bored. To keep enjoying you need some fun things to keep in your car.

In this Brainy Consumer post, I am just talk about auto things. In which I’m also going to tell your about the latest fun things that I figure out recently. Listing just songs on auto playing is not a solution any more.

Read complete post to know about the latest stuff to make your car ride fun. I promise you will end up buy at least one fun stuff. Keep calm and see all the products.

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10 Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

As you all know, I’m here recommending you about some fun things to keep in car. These 10 fun things will never turned your driving bored. So here we start.

1. Anti-Sleep Alarm

Do you know about Anti-Sleep alarm. I know you can’t. So here I’m talking about a fun things for your car. When you’re going for a long drive and tired too.
Fun Things To Keep In Your Car
Sleep is a good thing but it’s quiet dangerous when we’re driving. To stop sleep while driving, now we have a little ring for that.

This stop sleep alarm can alert you 5 minutes before dangerous drowsy driving.

How is it works? It have 8 built-in sensors that continuously sense your awareness and concentration while driving and measure your brain activity.

When you stop giving attention on driving then it will automatically rings and vibrate.

You don’t need to be tech savvy to use this device. Just put the ring on your finger and keep driving without any frustration and tension.

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2. Flexible Flashlight 

As we all auto lover know that vehicle breakdown usually, even two or three times a week when it is old.Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

This Flexible Flashlight will help you at night to check the problems, also work in day time on car areas where the sunlight not reached.

Clever scope have two light on both of the corners, their is not specific button but you can turn on and off the light by just twisting.

Its twisting technology allow you to wrap it on your wrist, shoulder or you can also use it as a pointing torch.

It is also have a magnetic power to get out the tiny things that fall around the car frustrated parts, where your hand didn’t reach.

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3. Travel Mug with Charger

This 400ML Vacuum Insulated Mug is not a just a fun product to keep in car, but it is also a need too.Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

If you’re a person who love tea or coffee then this product is definitely made for you.

A long drive with cold weather and in hand a warm mug of coffee will surely bless you with exciting feeling.

It is long lasting warming technique for your coffee because it will keep your coffee warm for at least 10 minutes.

It is much powerful, even it can boil water just in 10 minutes. Not just for coffee or tea but you can also used it for boil eggs too.

Best for the driver who mostly love long trips.

If you really love coffee and tea while driving then this fun thing is best for you to achieve.

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4. Dog Booster Car Seat

I know every US citizen love dogs and they can’t live without. So travelling with a dog is must. Mostly pet dogs are smaller in size and you can easily carry them with your every trip or ride.Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

But dogs can ruin your car seat sometimes, when they are angry on you. So now dog booster seat is available to get rid of every frustration that you have.

By using this, your dog will sit on one place and its falling hairs are not spreading in all the areas. Eventually you car will be clean after a long ride with your dog.

A solid metal collapsible frame makes it easy to use and soft plush liner is easy to clean.

It is a fun thing to keep in your car not just for yourself but for your dog too.

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5. Cool Sunglasses

Sunglasses is cool. Mostly when we’re going for a ride with friends or with family too. Do you know every weather have different sunglasses, and for every trip you should need different sunglass to look better.Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

Sunglasses doesn’t only prevents you from direct sunlight but also helps you to see the better vision of the universe.

You can take better images while wearing a sunglasses.

Don’t think too much and buy sunglasses for your whole bunch of friends.

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6. Pen & Paper

Pen & Paper is a necessary thing when we’re in car. Most of the times you need a pen in a car but you will end up with frustration because having pen and paper in car is not a tradition.

So here we break it.
Fun Things To Keep In Your Car
It is a smart and fun idea in reality. While using pen and paper in car looks more sophisticated to handle the things.

Your neighbour passenger impress with you after seeing notepad and pen at your car dashboard and mark you as an exception personality because it’s not a tradition.

Look! I found some interesting paper and pen combination for you. It looks soo intelectual.

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7.  Loving Snacks

Having snacks in your car is a life saving thing, because mostly you end up being out longer than you had planned.

Now you need something to kill you hunger.Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

If you stop the car then it will waste your time and money too. Because now you need a whole meal to kill that hunger.

What is the alternative now?

You need some snacks to direct the hunger in a better way. Make you self quiet and grab the pack the of snacks in your bag.

There are many snacks are available in the market but check my choice by clicking below.

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8. Fun Wipes 

While having snacks now you need something to clean your hand otherwise you will crush your car’s handle. Mostly I use wipes.Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

Placing wipes at your car’s dashboard looks cool. It can also wipe you children hands otherwise they will clean with your seat covers.

Having wipes looks attractive for children because of its smell and color and they will surely call you to pass the wipes.

It will stay your car clean, and not cost you as much. Just think about the expense of car seat cleaning service.

Fun wipes widely a better choice for your. Check my favourite one below.

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9. Lip Balm

When you’re driving too much then you throat will feel some thirst, so you drink water.Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

What when your lips get thirsty, to overcome that thirst and roughness you need lip balm.

It can not only wet your lips but also make your feel nicer because of its lovely smell.

Mostly lip balm also called ChapStick. Both things are same, don’t worry.

Check most selling lip balm below.

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10. Some Lotion

When you done with your snacks and clean your hand with wipes. Now you need some lotion type material for your hands and elbows.Fun Things To Keep In Your Car

It can not only soft your skin but also give you better feel with little smell.

When we are talking about skin then you should use some medicated products that surely will not give harm to your skin.

I prefered Neutrogena is best from all.

It actually ends up being a time saver too because it means there’s one less thing to do before leaving the house!

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Final Words

In this post, I just want to show you some fun things to keep in your car. They are not mandatory things like fuel but all these things combine and make your journey more peaceful and unforgettable.

You will feel more comfortable and fresh after having a long and hectic ride.

These all things are not expensive but quite useful while journey.