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Car Battery for Cold Weather

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In this guide I am going to recommend you about car battery for cold weather. Which battery is suitable for your car and give a better performance in every situation, especially in cold weather and low temperatures.

When cold season comes then your car will behave lazy and less energize, and that is normal. Mostly the biggest problem is the startup because freezing temperature can wreak havoc on your engine and your battery in particular.

Nowadays, battery makers create a battery with exciting technology that can easily energize your car in every season and in every condition, no matter how the weather cold is.

Whenever we want to buy a battery for our car specially for cold weather then we have to pay attention of Cold Cranking AMPS (CCA), their reserve capacity (RC) and their warranty.

Why Does Cold Weather Cause Car Battery Issues?

When weather is too cold then its directly damage the inner chemical of your battery. That is the main reason where most of the people struggling when they want to start their car in every morning, now the technology is improved over the years.

To overcome this problem, first turn on your car daily to make its battery alive because this action helps battery to charge again. That’s the only way to make your battery keep stable.

Keep in contact with your trustable mechanic and tell them to check your battery whenever it doesn’t ignites your car on first attempt.

How To Keep Your Battery Charged In Cold Weather

  • If you’re parking your car in the open wind then that’s the problem you have to overcome. First you have to put your car in the garage of your home or your friend. You just have to keep your car safe from direct wind.
  • Close all the electronic items in your car to keep your battery energize. It will directly affect on ignites. Put off all the accessories before starting the car and direct battery’s power to the ignition.
  • Dirt, grime and corrosion on battery terminals should be clean with cloth, baking soda, water and with the help of tooth brush, and put petroleum jelly on the terminals, it helps to prevent from corrosion.
  • Check your battery when the winter starts, because welcoming a winter season with healthy battery is much better than weak battery.

Clean Your Battery More Often

In winter season, corrosion and leaks is one the biggest problem for car owners because it will gifted you cracks. And when your battery is little old then now you have to check your battery regularly.

Clean their corrosion by applying a simple paste. Marinate baking soda and water and put the paste on the terminals with toothbrush to prevents form corrosion.

Most of the times you feel about the car jerk when ever you accelerate, mostly its because of terminal corrosion. 

Remove the Battery Altogether

If you don’t want to use your car in winter season then detach the battery from the car to prevent from any future issues.

Put your battery in safe place and keep it charge with battery tender plus charger to keep it alive.

I recommend you to only detach your battery whenever you don’t need your car for a month or two.

Put your battery back 2-3 days before the need, it will going to energize your battery again.

5 Best Car Battery For Cold Weather

Whenever winter comes then it will directly affect your battery. It will freeze your battery and its chemicals, and turns it useless. So now you have to think before the purchase that your battery is really worth it in winter seasons.

Here I am going to recommend you the best car batteries for cold weather, that is available in the market in 2018.

These list will help to figure out the battery, that which battery is effective and performatic for you. Because buying a battery is not a cheap task so, you should think before doing any purchase.

Previously I also wrote a complete in detail guide about best car batteries, In which you also find a best car battery according to your needs.

1. Optima Batteries RedTop

Optima Battery RedTop is one of the most exciting product of the company, and it is used for variety of purposes. If you love to ride off-roading rides then it will a best destination for you.Car Battery for Cold Weather

It is one of the best battery for cold climates because of its 800 cold cranking amps (CCA). It will force your car to startup even in low or freezing temperature too.

In Optima RedTop battery there is no flat plates but they use coils. It helps battery to work more efficiently and need no maintenance.


  • CCA: 800
  • Reserve Capacity: 100 minutes
  • Warranty: 36 months

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2. Optima Batteries YellowTop

As you know that RedTop battery is especially designed for sudden startup and for off-road rides.Car Battery for Cold Weather

YellowTop also have the ability of RedTop but it is also used for deep cycle technology. It will not only helps you in winter conditions but also ignites more power in every situation of the year.

It will performing upto 300 recharge cycles with any breaking down.


  • CCA: 620
  • Reserve Capacity: 98 minutes
  • Warranty: 36 months

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3. ACDelco Professional AGM

ACDelco is one of the best performer in the market and it will give you a better performance when you’re using too much electrical accessories in your car.Car Battery for Cold Weather

It is the first battery that build with lead plates, then other brands buy their invention and placed on their own products.

It will constructed with highly modernize technology, there is too much less possibility of lead and corrosion.

It works highly efficient in cold temperature and deliver 800 cranking amps.

Highly attractive reserve capacity and keep itself alive for 140 minutes after the engine shuts off.


  • CCA: 800
  • Reserve Capacity: 140 minutes
  • Warranty: 36 months

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4. Exide Edge FP-AGM

Exide Edge FP-AGM is a best choice for your car according to your needs. Because is not a thing that can replace every month or regular basis, So you have to make your choice as intelligent as possible.Car Battery for Cold Weather

For your kind information Exide Edge FP-AGM is the affordable and efficient choice for you.

It is build with absorbed glass mat technology. Better performer while starting, stopping and recharging. Also provide deep cycle power when you actually need it.

Mostly perform much better in cold weather or in low temperature because of its high cranking AMPs.

Overall, if you want performance and you’re on a budget, this is the best option for you.


  • CCA: 710
  • Reserve Capacity: 120 minutes
  • Warranty: 48 months

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5. NorthStar Ultra High-Performance AGM

NorthStar Ultra High Performance AGM is available in the market with more cranking AMPs, more reserve power, and with best deep cycle technology. Particular unit last upto 400 recharge cycles at depth of 80%.Car Battery for Cold Weather

A better absorbed glass mat technology. Make it better ultra high performance feature, easily handle cold weather startups.

Absorb minimum vibration, comes up with long lifespan. Just a problem about its weight because its too heavy to install at home.


  • CCA: 900
  • Reserve Capacity: 220 minutes
  • Warranty: 36 months

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Final Words

It’s a complete guide for your car vehicle with respect to cold weather and low temperature.

These 5 batteries perform tremendous in cold situation and eventually make your battery alive.

Battery is not a thing that can replaced in every month or a year, so you have to make your choice as efficient as possible.