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Best Scan Tool For Home Mechanic

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Nowadays nobody have time to detect the car’s problem manually, now we have computers for that. Now we have a tool that is best scan tool for home mechanic. 

It can easily detect inner functions of the car, how each component works and which one has some issues.

To detect car problems, we have a tool in the market called OBD2 scanner. Some years back it’s too expensive for home mechanics. but now it’s easily available in the market and you can easily purchase it and detect your car’s problem.

What is OBD2 Scanner?

On Board Diagnostic (OBD2) is a diagnostic tool that is used to find the problems from the car’s system. It is basically a general and standardized system, that is easily compatible with the cars and the trucks.

It is first created by California Air Resource Board Regulations and then it can be finalized by the Society of Automotive engineers.

Now the second (OBD2) iteration is more and improved version of first. It is basically improved in standardization of the connectors, their code designations and their communication protocols.

Their second iteration designed to improve the compatibility with multiple car brands.

What Problems Can OBD2 Scanner Can Detect

As I said, OBD2 Scanner is a diagnostic tool, that is used to detect the issue (error code) of your vehicle and identify what actually the problem is. There are many advanced and expensive OBD2 scanner are available in the market that is capable to scan data for identifying the problem.

OBD2 scanner can easily scan data from scanners to create a car comprehensive report. It is used to detect the problem in the early stages.

Types of OBD2 Scanner

There are two primary types of OBD2 scanner that are available in the market.

Scan Tool

It is one of the most expensive types in the scan tool version, because it have a unique setup to provide specific codes about manufacturer. Its recorded and live data and its troubleshooting problem too.

Code Readers

This type of device are used to read and clear codes from a vehicle, every car that has OBD2 system installed. It doesn’t have any database of manufacturer codes.

Things To Consider Before Buying OBD2 Scanner

Whenever we are going to buy something, then its important to considers some key factors before buying. This thing prevents us to buy a wrong product and somethings that is not according to our needs.


When you’re going to buy OBD2 scanner, then it’s important to know about the brand reputation and its quality reviews. Brand should be reliable and their most of the products should have trustable and positive reviews.

On Screen Info

On Screen quality should be better and good to view because its helps your to work effectively. When its good in quality then you can easily seen their codes on the screen.

Live Feed

Live info directly helps you to diagnose the problem in the better way. Live feed information give you better suggestion about the issue. Whenever you’re going to buy OBD2 scanner then it should be live feed compatible. It’s diagnostic results are more accurate and genuine.

Data Storage

Data storage is an important thing when you have your own garage, or when you have more than 1 car. But if we consider that you’re going to just use OBD2 scanner for your own car then data storage disability is not an issue for you.


Every brand of OBD2 scanner have their own application to process. By using this app we can easily know about the definition of any code. Pay attention about the application of the brand, it should be look professional and works efficiently.

5 Best Scan Tool For Home Mechanic

There are many OBD2 scanners that are available in the market that helps you to check your engine problems. You just have to choose a better brand that have some reputation and their mobile app should be professional.

1. BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional Best Scan Tool For Home Mechanic

The BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional is efficient OBD2 car scanner that works with smartphones apps. Its a package of physical sensor and a smartphone app too.
best scan tool for home mechanic
Android and IOS both stores have BlueDriver official app. It works when you connected your smartphones with Bluedriver Bluetooth. Once its connected then physical sensor should be connected in OBD2 port of your car.

It is one of the ideal OBD2 scanner for home mechanics. It is actually designed for car owner who want to troubleshoot their car problems at home.

Buying Features

  • Portable device
  • User friendly
  • Superb data storage capabilities

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2. Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Best Scan Tool For Home Mechanic

Autel MaxiCom MK808 is a professional diagnostic tool. Not only suitable for home mechanics but for professional mechanics too. It is based on giant touch screen, rubber handles. You can easily transfer the data between the scan tool for home mechanic

Also have SD card slot, OBD2 cable plug and a USB port to connect with printer. It also have a stand at the back.

It is also have an awesome feature right is the Vin auto detect. It helps you to tell about that which car you’re connected with. You can also manually connect with the car to get the information.

MaxiFix is a type of database that helps you to find the most common diagnostic trouble codes for your vehicle.

Buying Features

  • Best price value
  • Durable case
  • Better graphic display
  • Display values and sensor data live

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3. Innova 3100j CanOBD2 Diagnostic Best Scan Tool For Home Mechanic

Innova 3100J CanOBD2 tool is one of the best value product in the market. It can easily find the check engine light issue with your car. No problem, its a made for 1996 or a latest scan tool for home mechanic

Its can easily reading and erasing unnecessary ABS and SRS codes. It can also check the charging system, performance of your battery too.

A best product while you are working with your own vehicle, or you are a garage owner. Its works great for both of the users.

Buying Features

  • Simple to use
  • Scan wide area of problems
  • Better customer support

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4. ScanTool 426101 Best Scan Tool For Home Mechanic

ScanTool 426101 works same as like BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional, It is also operate by syncing with smartphone too. But its one problem that Scantool 426101 is not compatible with Apple operating scan tool for home mechanic

Because it is made just for windows and android operating system. By syncing up with a tablet, computer, or smartphone, the ScanTool sensor transforms your device into a full-functioning OBD2 car scanner.

You don’t have to detach scanner from OBD2 port all the time because it doesn’t drain your car battery and also not any ill effects. Its not only works far better to check engine light problems, ABS lights and airbag lights but also provide potential and logical exact fixes for your car’s problem.

  • Portable device
  • Better user interface
  • Graphs data in real time

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5. Actron CP9690 Best Scan Tool For Home Mechanic

Actril CP9690 is one of the most portable car scanner in the market, just 3.8 pounds. Large display provide better LCD screen display, brighter picture of your car’s scan tool for home mechanic

Most compatible product in the market, works with 1996 to present vehicles, also compatible with 1994 and 1995 OBD2 compliant vehicles.

All these things combine, CP969 great OBD2 car scanner for all experience level. Better metrics for professional mechanics too. Just want to make sure that it should be compatible with your vehicle.

Buying Features

  • User friendly
  • Much portable
  • Measures a great many vehicle metrics

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No one have that much budget and time to move a car to the mechanic place. Many times when your car just have a tiny problem but you don’t have a choice now. By purchasing OBD2 scanner, now you can easily check problems of your car at home place.

By scanning the problem of your car, now you know what to do, change or repair. It a better choice for your buy OBD2 scanner for yourself and efficiently detect your car’s problem by just plugging a simple peaceful gadget.

Educate yourself on your vehicle’s well-being. Make informed decisions. Not only will you save time and money. You’ll learn a thing or two as well.