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Best Portable DVD Player For Car Headrest

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Yes I know travelling is fun, but it’s not true most of time. Not travelling but destination where you want to reach is fun. Now you can enjoy with best portable DVD player of car headrest. It will be a great fun for you towards the whole ride.

There are many fun things in the car but by using this you can watch your favourite things, and make your travelling a more memorable ever.

Holding and watching to the screen is not cool anymore, you hand will get tired just after 10-12 minutes.

Here is the solution, now you can install car DVD player on headrest and just enjoy the perks of your favourite shows.

5 Best Portable DVD Player For Car Headrest

In this guide, I’m recommending you a best portable DVD player for car headrest. That not only good in quality but also good in perform.

Using DVD player with car headrest feature, surely will make your venture more enjoyable.

1. DBPower 10.5″ Portable DVD Player

DBPower 10.5″ is a portable DVD player, now everybody can watch a screen while travelling.

In this article, I ‘m telling you about the best portable car DVD player that also used with headrest.

This model is just made for you, works same like you need.

You can also watch your favourite show by hanging it from the fabric along the car ceiling.

You can use it for continues 4 hours, without any hesitation. A best for the kids when they are travelling with you, and get tired after all hectic school day.

DBPower portable DVD player is shock proof. It is not an electric shock, but a shock when you’re on a gravel road.

You can charge it in the car, use with CDs, DVDs, File formats such as MP3, AVI and more. Its loud speaker is also good and quality and very calming for your ears.

A better choice for car headrest, because it is portable DVD player and by placing at headrest your each child will take benefits of it.

Buying Reasons

  • Flip Screen headrest DVD player
  • Car charger and power adapter also included with the box
  • 4 hours long lasting battery backup
  • Support many formats
  • Affordable & high in quality

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2. NaviSkauto 10.1″ Portable Car DVD Player

We just want everything portable because when we fixed something at one place then its usage will going to be less. NaviSkauto 10.1″ Portable DVD Player can work for consistent 5 hours and easily charge from car lighter adapter.

It is also included velcro strip, but somehow it will not keep stable on extraordinary bump roads.

Now you can see a clear picture not only at night time but at day time too because of its 1024×600 screen resolution with LED backlighting.

Supported formats include DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD, MP3, JPG, AVI/AVI/MPEG, and DIVX; versatility is key here.

Comes with built-in battery to the actual DVD player as opposed to having DC access through the screen itself.

When you unbox NaviSkauto 10.1″, then it will surely make you surprise because it includes AC adapter, DC cable, RCA AV cable, velcro straps and a car charger.

Buying Reasons

  • Support many formats
  • 5 Hour long lasting battery backup
  • Dual screen
  • Less weight (5 LBS)
  • 2W 9Q speaker

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3. Autowings Headrest Dual DVD Player

Now you’re not getting bored while riding towards your destination because Autowings Headrest is a best entertainer for your passengers.

In which you blessed with two screens with cost of single resolution LCD. A great quality dvd player are here at your doorstep.

Hooking up headphones to these, help you to drive with less distraction. It can support every video format that you imagine. Unless it is manufactured specifically for some device.

And the other things that it is touch screen, you have full control to access your media. Its wires are not prominent and you hook player wires underneath your seat. It is not a low quality headrest dvd player

A most better choice for your need of DVD player for car headrest.

Buying Reasons

  • Two Screens
  • leather headrest cover
  • 800×480 display
  • Support all world formats
  • Wireless headphones

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4. CarThree Ultra-Thin HD DVD Player

CarThree Ultra Thin is the favorite DVD player in the circle of children. Most of the drivers and parents of children are frustrated about the installation at the headrest. But CarThree is not following the tradition and it is easy to install and easy to use.

CarThree Ultra Thin HD DVD player is available with stand. Now you don’t have to worry about it.

It also includes bracket, there is no need of additional purchase for headrest installation. Not just that, also have plastic buckle, remote control, native game disk and car charger.

You can also sync CarThree Ultra-Thin with your Android and Apple phones. Its fitting is too secure, no worries about gravel roads and ultra bumps.

It can always entertain your passenger with their Ultra-Thin HD 32-bit display. Wireless joystick also included in the box.

Buying Reasons

  • 1024×600 quality
  • Remote included
  • Children friendly
  • 12 months warranty
  • Three step installation

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5. CUtrip 9-Inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

CUtrip 9-Inches Dual Screen is also blessed with more accessible control button, and its 9 inches 800×480 resolution is incredible. Your passenger will never get bored in the long frustrated ride.

It can last for 5 hours because of its built-in battery, and its dual screen design helps for simultaneously viewing.

Mostly long rides are more than five hours, don’t take unnecessary tension because it can charge with lighter adapter by using car charger.

In which you have two choices. If you’re alone and don’t want to disturb other passengers then put earphones.

Otherwise you have a choice to put on in-built stereo speaker for group entertainment.

You can easily install CUTrip at headrest without any expert advice and help. It is more secure than any other regular headrest portable car DVD player. No worries about any gravel and bumpy roads.

Buying Reasons

  • 800×480 display
  • support 11 video formats
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • USB supports, SD, MMC, TF too
  • 5 Hour long lasting battery lift

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Final Words

In this post, I am telling you about the best portable DVD player for headrest. Most of them in my list are for group entertainment.

You can also fit different DVD players on both of the headrest and if you have a big family car then you also buy as much you want.

It is too cheap as compare to other entertainment purpose. You can easily take an advantage of a long hectic ride by seeing these ULTRA HD High Resolution screen.

Buy now and make your children ride more enjoyable and successful.