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Best Performance Upgrades For Cars That You Should Know

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At some point, every driving enthusiast thought of getting an upgrade for their ride. Today, it is so much easier to upgrade a car since the automotive aftermarket industry has grown by leaps and bounds.

High-tech innovations for performance upgrades are readily available for every car type.

So before you decide on getting a performance upgrade for your car, below is a bunch of tips and aftermarket car upgrades to look at and consider.

When considering a performance upgrade for your car, it is important to know and consider your intentions of getting a car modification.

By a careful assessment, you will determine the best performance upgrade for your ride that will not compromise your budget.

If your goal is to just to make your ride quicker and a bit swifter when on the road, perhaps you will not need car mods as extreme as those competition-ready cars.

Top Performance Upgrades for Your Car

Start off with your disc brakes

When you start tinkering your car’s performance, one of the first things that should look at is your brake. If your car has old drum brakes, disc brakes are a better replacement for an upgrade.

If not, a more robust set of disc brake also works well to make you safer on the road as it increases your capability to stop whenever you need to.

What’s more amazing in having a really good brake system is that you will get inspired to push your car harder because you know that you are able to make very quick stops.

Improve your tires

When it comes to boosting your car, you can’t miss your tires. A new set of upgraded tires make a huge difference in your car’s performance. Instead of keeping your all-season stock tires, which most of the everyday cars have opt for performance tires that have better road grips.

The regular tires perform well in a normal driving condition but it will later disappoint you when you try to drive more vivaciously. Driving with control requires the best road grip. It is important to understand that the softer the rubber compounds that make up a tire, the better it holds onto the ground. With these kinds of performance tires, you are more able to accelerate quicker.

The only disadvantage of performance tires is that it is relatively more expensive and may easily wear out compared to ordinary car tires.

Enhance your wheels

What’s the use of an upgraded set of tires if you do not consider changing your wheels? You may want to opt for a lighter aftermarket alloy wheels that improve your car handling because of its unsprung weight. This way, your suspension system will not work as hard to get them attached to the road. This results in quicker and better handling and better traction.
Check your suspension
When performing quicker turns, the car’s weight will shift with greater force. In this case, you need to have a good suspension system to be able to enhance control, handling, and stability. The good news is that suspension upgrades are always flexible and an adjustable system, making your ride ready for any different driving conditions and track.

Remember that the ultimate purpose of your car’s suspension system is to maximize its traction and keep your tires working at its best.

ECU remapping

Another great way to boost your car’s performance is to get your ride’s ECU remapped. ECU remapping is important in improving controls on fueling, ignition timing, torque delivery, and even your car’s turbocharger boost pressure.

With remapping the ECU, it will enable your engine to unleash its unused potential and capability. This only means that it will later result in better throttle response and more horsepower. In addition to this, this will also save you a few bucks of fuel consumption.

Enhancing your cold air intake

Improving your cold air intake is one of the many ways to boost your car’s engine. It is also one of the most inexpensive and easiest car mods to install. So how does a cold air intake work and how does it help your engine? Think of it this way, cold air intake is like an amazing drug that makes your engine breathe. With the help of this specific car mod, your engine is able to create more power by bringing in cool air (which creates more oxygen) to the chamber.

Be cautious

Before making any modification in your car, make sure that you seek professional’s help. Some car upgrades or modifications may look very easy to install all by yourself, but it is recommended to always get the opinion or guidance of experts.

As mentioned earlier, it is crucial to assess your goals. There are tons of aftermarket performance upgrades for your ride to boost your car and make it even more exciting to drive. Carefully choose the upgrades and choose the best body kits for your car like the ones at AusBody Works. AusBody Works only provides top-rated and imported body kits that are aesthetically pleasing yet affordable. Get in touch with us and let us see what will best fit your ride.