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Best Oil Additives For Your Car – Review & Buying Guide

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Best Oil additives helps to cover your engine from corrosion and also lubricate working parts of your oil additive

It also minimize friction and retain proper uninhibited function. None of oil additives are same in working.

In this review and buying guide we are trying to get you the best oil additive for your car, that helps your engine to increase their performance.

Read whole guide and try to figure out which oil additive actually made for your engine and how you get benefit from it.

Mostly company advertised like that oil additives is the solution of your all car problem.

It’s easy to use and by just putting in the tank you car’s performance drastically increase and it will working like a new jet.

Not at all ! Yes it is true if you’re adding a perfect oil additive then it will surely increase your car’s performance, but if you get a bad one, it may lead to certain problems with the engine of your car.

Be careful while choosing oil additive and this best oil additive review and buying guide will surely helps you to get the best one to increase your car’s performance.

Best Oil Additives

There are many more types of oil additives and these type have even more sub-types. But importantly there are just two general type in which the first one is Oil Stabilizer, we also called it as a viscosity modifiers and the second one is Extreme Wear Additives.

Viscosity is the most important thing in the oil and it changes when the temperature is high. When the viscosity is worse then engine need more power to move.

We need oil stabilizer to over this problem , when oil stay longer than expected, then its mileage is improved, now additive is just a charm for your car.

Old school type of engine need some compounds to stable their performance and also oil additive have some compounds like zincdialkyl-dithiophosphate, phosphorus. Old type of engine need zinc to maintain the performance stability of the engine.

To overcome this need we need zincdialkyl-dithiophosphate, but we’re adding oil additive, which will not only improve the performance of the engine but also extend the life too.

Let me clear one thing here. 

New school types of engine also need oil additives because their friction modifiers reduce the intensity of friction and it is one of the best way to increase the mileage of your car.

Now oil additive works to cover or protect the metal components of the engine.

It doesn’t matter that your car manufactured in 1960 or in 2018, fuel additive is the must need for your car.

Here I’m helping your to choose the best oil additives for your car, and even I’m also sharing my experiences too.

Model Brand Model Weight Price
Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment Sea Foam SF-16 1 Pound Check Price
Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive Archoil AR9100-16 1 Pound Check Price
Liqui Moly Cera Tec Friction Modifier Liqui Moly 20002 10.6 Ounces Check Price
Genuine Ford Fluid XL-3 Friction Modifier Ford XL-3 4 Ounces Check Price
Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer All Innovations LUC10002 7.7 Pounds Check Price
BG MOA Engine Oil Supplement BG BG MOA 110 12.8 Ounces Check Price
Red Line 81403 Engine Break-In Oil Red Line Oil RED81403 13.6 Ounces Check Price
REV-X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment REV-X 2BTLREVX 8 Ounces Check Price
BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment BestLine Lubricants 8.53796E+11 1.2 Pounds Check Price
Lucas Oil Stop Leak Lucas Oil 10278 1.25 Pounds Check Price


1. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatments Best Oil Additive

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment is comes with 16oz. You can easily buy in bulk from amazon. It contain 100% of petroleum, and also have environmental friendly product called PEA, that is registered through EPA.

It works like a charm to vanish deposits and contaminants from your engine. Mostly users who have old vehicle happily increase the performance of their vehicle by using SEA Foam SF-16 oil additive.

Sea Foam SF-16 also decrease drag and quieter motor. It is mostly suitable with gasoline or direct oil injection.

Sea Foam SF-16 oil additive can easily work as a fuel and oil additive. It means you easily put it with oil and also in the fuel tank.

It helps to clean deposits from the internal components of your engine.

Oil additive does not drastically change your car’s performance but after cleaning the engine it will surely improve.

So now the question is when to use this oil additives? 

I recommend your to use it every 5 thousand miles, my this advice works great on an average but it is not guaranteed.

For confirmation, contact with your trustable mechanic and tell them to advice you.

Key Features

  • Varnish carbon deposits.
  • Increase performance of your older and new vehicles.
  • Decrease vibrations and jerk.


  • Best for gasoline and diesel engines
  • Versatile Cleaner
  • Well established brand with premium customer support
  • Affordable price, also available in bulk and different packages


  • As a general cleans, so lack some little cleaning power


2. Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive

Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive is a best case for diesel engines. Its available in the market in 160z container.
Archoil Ar9000 Friction Modifier Best Oil Additive
You can decrease your engine noises, repeatedly vibrations, friction and jerks.

It is widely know to fix 6.0 and 7.5 L power stroke cold start injector problems. It is much cheaper way to fix your engine and their performance back.

Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive may useless for some components but it will also increase performance of most of the components, it will happen because of lack of high zinc level.

You can optimize the performance of gearboxes, power steering and hydraulics of gasoline engines.

It will drastically increase the life of your engine and also reduce rear nose and vibrations. You can easily reduce both things by just using Archoil additive.

We added this oil is our best oil additive list because it is also worked in the mess, and you will feel the change of smoothness and road grip after using this.

Archoil also deal with common engine problems, including rough idling, ignitions time during cold starts, misfires and power or acceleration.

It works like a charm with both gasoline and diesel engine.

Key Features

  • Optimal for diesel and gasoline engines.
  • Hydraulic improve is gas engines
  • Vibrations, jerk and noise reduction


  • Better for diesel car or even trucks
  • Reduce Vibrations and Noises
  • Better for gasoline and diesel engines


  • Lack of high level zinc
  • Useless for most of the engine internal components


3. Liqui Moly Cera Tec Friction Modifier – Best Oil Additive For Noisy Lifters

Liqui Moly Cera Tec Friction Modifier launched with 300ml bottle and it is the best to blend with any commercial motor oil. Any oil is perfectly working with this, its totally depend on your choice.
Liqui Moly Cera Tec Friction Modifier Best oil additive
If you’re a person who loves long travels then this and if you live in extreme climates, so Liqui Moly works perfectly for you.

Whatever the climate is, it works flawlessly even in high or low temperatures.

Liqui Moly is well matched with every filter system, which reduce the carbon deposits.

It is one of the best oil additive because its perfect solution to increase engine performance, well matched product to solve your oil additive problems.

It contains HBN and MOS2 chemicals that stable the engine temperature lower and don’t let it overheat.

Liqui also increase your mileage because it contains small ceramic particles which heal the scratches inside your engine.

Most of the times it started working after 7-10 days, so don’t disappoint in first week.

Key Features

  • Well matched with every filter system
  • Easily blend with every commercial motor oil
  • Easily control low and high temperature of car’s engine.


  • Well matched with every filter system
  • Used with any commercial oil
  • Control high and low temperature of your engine


  • Not recommended for motorcycles
  • Too thick for some filters
  • Started working in 7-10 days at least


4. Genuine Ford Fluid XL-3 Friction Modifier

Genuine Ford Fluid XL-3 Oil Additive is product of ford. Ford cars have a problem of friction very frequently.
Genuine Ford Fluid XL-3 Friction Modifier best oil additive
It’s 40z oil additive actually reduce metallic surface friction while reducing hypoid gear loudness and chatter on your differentials.

It also heal and lubricate injectors too, happily working with FORD GT and Mustang models.

Easy to pure after opening the package because of its human friendly packaging.

Genuine Ford Fluid XL-3 working instantly under 5-10 minutes.

If you have ford vehicle then this product is best choice for your ford’s car because it will work great to increase your car performance.

This is one of the best friction modifier as I mentioned in the title too. It reduced chatter on differentials.

Your vehicle will move quietly and extend your engine’s life too.

Just want you to know that it smells very terrible because of hydrocarbon chemical.

Eventually it is one of the best oil additive because of its affordability and performance.

Key Features

  • Best Oil Additive for ford models and mustang too.
  • Reduce metallic friction
  • Reduce rear voices of your engine.


  • Well-matched with ford and mustang cars
  • Crack problem of metallic friction
  • Quiets engine rear sounds
  • Affordable price
  • Better in performance


  • Terrible in smell
  • Mostly good in performance with Ford and Mustang cars


5. Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer  Best Oil Additive For Older Engines & Engine Knocking– Jack Sparrow Choice

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer gallon is enough for you at least for 1.5-2 years. It cost you lower and affordable in against with other oil additives.
Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer Best Oil Additive
Lucas Oil is good in performance because it elongates your oil’s life expectancy as much 40% – 50%, saves your money and time.

Lucas have exciting qualities like it decrease oil consumption and optimize the performance of your engine in every aspect.

We added lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer is our list because it eliminates dry starts, and increase power for MPG.

I don’t want to brag about lucas because it is unbiased review, I just added my experience in it.

Lucas Oil Additives is a pure example of another greatest Lucas product.

Lucas is a big name in the market for creating oil related products. You can mixed this additive with an oil and increase its life, say no to oil burning.

Lucas high duty oil stabilizer is one of the best oil additive for older engines. It is also helpful to stop engine knocking. 

Don’t use lucas as a fuel additive, it is just reliable to use with oil,  you will be a satisfied customer of lucas after using this oil additive. 

Key Features

  • Decrease oil consumption
  • Less oil changes
  • Affordable if you buy full gallon of 7.7 pounds


  • Decrease oil consumption rate directly
  • Increase oil life expectancy by 60%
  • Best for older engines
  • Decrease engine knocking problems
  • Highly affordable


  • Just oil additive not fuel additive
  • Sometimes starts working in 2-3 days, sometimes it takes a week

6. BG MOA Engine Oil Supplement Best Oil Additive For Burning Oil

BG MOA Engine Oil Supplement comes in an 11 oz cane, it helps you to get less RPM and increase acceleration, power and engine performance.

BG MOA Extended Life Best Oil AdditiveBG MOA is also useful to increase performance and acceleration of truck engines, increase the strength of the engine for excellent performance.

It increase time between oil changes. You can change oil at each 5000 miles to prevent your engine from any issues.

BG MOA reduce deposits and resist corrosion for high power and accelerated performance vehicle.

It really helps to clean engine oil after an oil change, extend life of internal and critical engine components, decrease oil consumption and drastically increase the life of you car’s engine.

BG MOA oil additive is a great substitute for synthetic oil and makes your engine oil less consumed and effective.

I’m added BG MOA in the list of best oil additive because it is compatible to add with any engine oil.

However I especially recommend BG MOA for older engines and to overcome the problem of fast burning oil.

Key Features

  • Vanish sediments deposits.
  • Better for older engine
  • Better for high weighted vehicles


  • Increase oil life expectancy
  • Remove deposits
  • Better for trucks and high performance vehicles
  • Use with any engine oil
  • Best substitute for synthetic oil


  • Add at least after 5000 miles
  • Not ideal for breaking in new motors

7. Red Line 81403 Engine Break-In Oil

Red Line Engine Oil comes in 16 oz bottle and its perfect for two oil changes with a single bottle.
RedLine Engine Oil Break-in-Additive Best Oil Additive
It reduce the slick oil that is situated in your pistons and help their rings to seated properly.

Increase overall power of your engine and reduce chatter while startup. You feel change in every ride surly after using Red Line Engine oil.

Red Line additive contain high level of phosphorus and zinc, please be careful about their using, don’t use if it is not recommended by your trustable mechanic.

Too much zinc usage might decrease the efficiency of small working parts of the motor.

Be Careful – It works great with older vehicles but not giving good result when I used it because I have catalytic converter in my car. 

Red Line 81403 Engine Oil helps your car to run faster.

In title I also written a term called Break-in oil, it means if you want to try red line with new or rebuild engine then their is no better product in the marker except this.

Usage of Redline helps you to protect camshift and the new engine itself.

Key Features

  • Helps to repair piston seals
  • More n More power after every oil change
  • Better startup from now


  • Good for high performance cars
  • One bottle treats 12 quarts oil
  • Affordable Price
  • Decrease metal to metal contact


  • Don’t use when you have catalytic converter in your car

8. REV-X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment – Best Oil Additive For Turbo Engine

REV – X Oil Treatment assist you to reduce stuck fuel injector effortlessly. It is one of the most efficient product, so you don’t end up doing more harm than good when you use their articles.
Rev X High Performance Oil Additive Best Oil Additive
Due to the viscosity of additive turbo charge will benefit from mild repairs.

Better to use with both diesel and gas engine because of its simplistic formula.

Just noted down the capacity that half bottle (40oz) for the gas engine and full bottle (80oz) for the diesel engine.

You will feel the performance efficiency after running around 15-20 miles.

The idle purpose of using this additive is to fix static friction mostly a biggest problem  with diesel injector engines, but you can also use it with other engines too.

Most of the users also use REV-X oil treatment to increase their car’s HP and torque of your engine.

But it doesn’t mean that you’re just using this when you got some problems. Its just a regular use to maintain and stability the performance of your engine.

If you don’t then replacing whole injector is much expensive then this, rather than use fuel injector cleaner to get rid of this.

Key Features

  • Better for both diesel and gas engines
  • Also helps to repair turbo charge
  • Not containing harmful materials


  • Helps increase Horsepower
  • Helps increase torque
  • Improve cold start operation
  • Excellent working for diesel and gas engine


  • Don’t forget about the consumption quantity with diesel and gas engines.
  • Much expensive

9. BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment – Best Line Oil Additive

Best line Synthetic engine treatment solve friction and general wear and tear problems of your engine. It helps your car to improve overall economy and performance.
BestLine Engine Treatment Best Oil Additive
If you want to see drastically change then after second oil change used bestline synthetic oil and see a clear difference in mileage.

Besline also decrease the harmfulness of emission and optimal at 15% oil volume that is much greater than others most of the additives.

When I used this bestline oil additive then it will dramatically reduce my engine chatter and vibrations after second or third startup, just increase slightly oil pressure.

BestLine lubricants engine treatment formula is too safe to use with all gasoline vehicles and whole types of oils.

Mostly one bottle per oil change should be enough to keep your engine stable in performance or clean and protected.

Key Features

  • Better to increase overall mileage
  • Remove engine chatter and startup rear noises
  • Decrease harmfulness of emissions


  • Resists friction and wear
  • Better for boat engines
  • Increase fuel performance and economy
  • Increase mileage


  • Some users reports broken seal

10. Lucas Oil Stop Leak – Diesel Engine Oil Additive

Lucas Oil Stop Leak is another proud launched by Lucas and its best when you reduce oil consumption. Better to increase oil pressure for efficient and optimal performance of your engine.

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak Best Oil AdditiveIt worn seals and get a revitalized boost, reducing the probability of corrosion while repairing seals.

Lucas Oil Stop Leak is comfortably working with semi-synthetic, petroleum and full synthetic oil.

In which there is no solvent that is harmful, no odor smell while opening the cap.

You can use it by just pour 1 quart of lucas oil treatment in the engine for every 4 quarts of motor oil.

You will see the difference after running 250-300 miles of driving.

Highly well-matched with diesel and gasoline engines.

Key Features

  • It stops engine oil leaks instantly
  • No harmful solvents included
  • Works with 98% of all motor oils


  • Prevent corrosion after using frequently
  • Help reduce engine chatter
  • Easy to use


  • In some cases, doesn’t completely stops the leaks


Oil Additive Buying Guide & Consumer Questions/Answers

In this buying guide I’m Jack Sparrow of Brainy Consumer trying to resolve the issues of automobile lovers related to oil additives.

In which I’m trying to define you what is oil additive, how it works, difference between oil additive and fuel additive, how to choose best oil additive and other consumer repeated questions.

My answers and recommendation is not 100% correct or guarantee, its just a result of my experiences and researches.

What is Oil Additive & It is Good or Bad?

Oil additive is explained by the term that addition in the oil. Actually there are two particular functions of oil additive.

1- Oil additive is used to prevent your engine from dark rust that damage your engine instantly.

2- Oil additive is used to keep operation of engine as efficient as possible.

Basically it blends in to motor oil and lubricants every related part, reduce friction and provide protection shield for the metallic surfaces within your vehicle.

Oil additive also reduce the consumption of pre-existing motor oil upto 10-15%. Remove reduction, vibration, jerk and increase stability and route grip of your car.

You just have to choose the right oil additive that actually increase the performance of your car.

How Oil Additive Works

First we have to know what viscosity is and how much it is important for an engine. Viscosity is the rule of measurement to check the efficiency of any motor oil.

If your motor oil have high viscosity then it will mess your engine and if it too flowy then it will flow like a water and miss most of the internal components to lubricate.

Viscosity is also effect the temperature from both internal and external sites.

You can run a car without its body but you can’t without the high performance engine.

Whenever we buy a car then its engine condition and performance is highly measurable.

Oil additive alter the viscosity of you engine’s motor oil and make it efficient as you car needs.

Temperature regulation and a fluid use of all moving parts are essential to your engine.

Difference Between Oil Additive and Fuel Additive

Oil Additive

Oil additive is used to prevent your engine from dark rust that damage your engine instantly and keep operation of engine as efficient as possible.

Fuel Additive

Fuel additive are used to modify the octane rating or corrosion inhibitors for the parts that is associated with the fuel. Mostly fuel additive use for proper lubrication which increase your car’s MPG on streets.

How to Choose Right Fuel Additive For My Vehicle

There are many companies that manufactured oil additive but you have to understand the names and working of their chemicals.

After understanding the chemical purpose, then you will easily figure out which one your engine needs.

Phosphorus: ZDDP is one of the most common oil additive and in which we found zinc and phosphorus both. Phosphorus is widely used to make engine performance as efficient as possible and protecting metal to metal contact.

Zinc: Zinc is always focus on small internal parts of an engine and make it good in performance. Zinc in oil additive works as a performance booster that helps older engines to run properly.

These two ingredients are common in most of the oil additive because oil additive working are based on these chemicals.

Reduce Friction

Better in viscosity oil additive can reduce metal to metal reduction in you engine block. In will increase the life of you engine and also boost performance by reducing possibility of friction.

Increase MPG

Oil additive can also increase your MPG after some time. It will give less stress on your motor. It’s a better long terms investment, you can save much more money in a long run.

Rust Inhibitors

Good choice of oil additive can decrease or reduce the rust inhibitors. Prevention from rust can increase your engine performance and also increase its life.

How Often Do I Change My Oil Additive

As you know oil additive is just the addition with your oil. Whenever you are going to change engine oil then you have to change your oil additive too.

Just make it habib that whenever you have to buy engine oil then oil additive is compulsory to purchase. It will a long term investments and a better way to protect your engine.

Tell me which oil additive you chose for you car’s engine.