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5 Best Low Profile Floor Jack – Reviews & Buying Guide

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A low profile floor jack is a tool which is used in order to lift your vehicle up for the purpose of mechanical repairs. A regular jack is made on a traditional height which is suitable for many vehicles.Low profile floor jack

However, if you are a sports car owner or have a vehicle with lower bottom, then you may have a problem with a regular jack. As these vehicles are flat to the ground and a regular jack cannot fit underneath it.

That’s where low profile jacks come to the rescue. With a height up to 4 inches only, these jacks are specifically designed for vehicles that are flat to the ground. So, which are the best low-profile jacks? Read further and find out.

5 Best Low Profile Floor Jack – Reviews

Name Item Weight Price
Powerbuilt 620479E 7.75 pounds Check Price
Arcan XL20 67.2 pounds Check Price
Pro-Lift F-767 30 pounds Check Price
Pittsburgh Automotive 30 pounds Check Price
JEGS 80006 4000lb 58 pounds Check Price

1- Powerbuilt 620479E – 2 Ton Load Capacity

The model 620479E from Powerbuilt is slightly different and the lowest jack amongst all in the list. Its minimum range of 2.75 inches makes it easier to fit under almost any vehicle.

However, the maximum range is limited to 15 inches which is lesser than others among the list but high enough for personal cars. And briefly, Powerbuilt 620479E can be described as the most high-quality product as the manufacturers have used premium solid steel in its construction.

Product Description

The safety bar provided along is one of its key features. Once you have raised the vehicle, slide the safety bar underneath and the jack serves as jack stand.

Its high-quality steel construction makes it durable enough to resist heavy duty vehicles. Moreover, it is available in different sizes and weight capacities so the buyers can choose according to their needs.

Lastly, the highlight of the product is it’s easy to reach life time warranty so it would not be wrong to say that Powerbuilt 620479E is one of the wisest investments.

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  • Lifetime warranty
  • Flexible. Available in different sizes
  • Anti-slip square lifting pad

  • Maximum height of 15.5 inches
  • Experience required. Cannot be used by beginners.

2- Arcan XL20 – 2 Ton Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Steel Service Jack

Manufactured by the renowned brand Arcan, the model XL20 is a super stylish and lustrous stygian low-profile jack is one of the most popular designs available in the market.

Due to its brawny built and not so portable weight of 67 pounds, this low-profile jack is mostly used by professionals but that’s not something you look for when you have a jack with a weight capacity of 2-3 tons.

Product Description

Not only it is capable of lifting tons easily, this low-profile jack is also one of the safest as it is 2009 ASME PALD standard for jack lift safety certified.

With a height range of 3.5-18.5 inches, this tool is equally adequate for sports cars as well as SUVs. The Arcan XL20 2-Ton Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Steel Service Jack has a compact design and has the versatility of a full-size hydraulic jack.

It is incorporated with double pump for fast lifting and the installed safety valves prevents overload. It is certainly a go to product specially for professionals.

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  • Cost-effective
  • 1-year warranty
  • 18.5-inch height limit

  • Heavy in weight i.e. 97 pounds
  • 3.5 inches minimum clearance
  • Uncertain warranty

3- Pro-Lift F-767 – 2 Ton Capacity

The model F-767 from Pro-Lift is a user oriented extra low-profile jack with a lifting capacity of 2 tons.

Not only it can bear the weight up to 2 tons, but it can lift it to a height ranging from 3.5 to 14 inches which is convenient enough to get the repair done easily.

The classic grey color with durable steel construction makes it stand out among the rest.

Product Description

Despite the durable steel construction, this tool is reasonably portable as it weighs 30 pounds only. This construction guarantees a long life which is backed up by company’s 90 days money back guarantee.

Moreover, the jack comes with a patented bridging device which resists excess pumping for safer use. This product is one of the most cost-effective option available in the market and its narrow construction is where the money is saved.

However, you do not need to worry about the durability of the product as it is backed up by its solid steel construction.

Lastly, providing protection against overload by its integrated safety valves, this low-profile jack is surely one of the best among the options available in market.

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  • Solid steel built up
  • Lightweight i.e. 30lbs

  • 14- inch maximum height limit
  • Limited warranty

4- Pittsburgh Automotive – 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low-Profile Steel Floor Jack

This highly affordable low-profile jack is manufactured by one of the most trusted name in the industry i.e. “Pittsburgh”.

This highly impressive tool can lift a whopping 3 ton of vehicle in fraction of a second thanks to its rapid pump technology.

It is also one of the safest options available in the market as it is constructed with a wide wheel which provides extra stability and protection.

Product Description

The Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low-Profile Steel Floor Jack features a “dual parallel pump system’ in its pump design which lifts the object up in the air with just a few effortless pumps.

A distinct joint release enables the user to regulate the height of jack which ranges from 3-19.75 inches. The jack is slightly heavier i.e. 79lbs but considering its weight capacity, it is highly justified.

Its solid steel design is also infused with a foam protection to avoid dents and jerks during jacking.

Lastly, it has a 90 days warranty which is not very lasting, but you can have peace of mind if you face any issue immediately after receiving. P.s. it is highly unlikely to happen.

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  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to use pump action. Can be used by beginners
  • Wide wheelbase for stability

  • Warranty of 90 days only
  • Finishing not refined as compared to its alternatives

5- JEGS 80006 4000lb Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack Garage Car Truck

A bit extravagant in comparison to its alternatives, the model 80006 from JEGS is one of the most stylish low-profile jacks available in the market.

Weighing in 49 pounds only, this low-profile jack is highly portable without comprising on its lifting capacity of whopping 2 ton.

The design is inspired by low profile jacks used by professional sports teams which makes it solid as rock yet light as air.

Product Description

JEGS 80006 4000lb Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack Garage Car Truck is built from corrosion resistant aluminum.

Its height ranges from 3.5-19 inches and is made with rapid pump technology with dual pistons which enables the user to lift the vehicle in matter of seconds.

One of the key features of this tool is its handle. Coming in a two-piece design which eases in shipping and storage. The top end is provided with a knob for better grip whereas the bottom end is infused with rubber to avoid bumps and dents.

The only drawback of this product is its warranty of 90 days only which is low as it is quite pricey. Excluding this aspect, it is certainly an ideal low-profile jack.

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  • Light weight i.e. 49lbs only
  • Lifting capacity of 2 tons
  • Rapid pump outline with dual pistons

  • Minimum lift 3.5 inches only
  • Limited warranty of 90 days only

Best Low-Profile Jacks – Buyer’s Guide

So, this concludes our picks for the best low-profile jacks. However, you are still a step away from your low-profile jack.

You still need to find out which of the jack among these works best for you. So, read further and our complete guide about how to buy a low-profile jack will ease this difficulty for you.

Hydraulic Floor Jack Maintenance Tips

While assembling of the floor jack, the system gets filled with air. This could also happen during the packing and shipping of the jack and the first thing you ought to do after the you unbox your floor jack is to get rid of the air in system because it might be a cause of system fail after it is loaded.

But worry not because it as an easy process and by following the provided manual appropriately, you will be able do it without any difficulty.

Firstly, turn the handle of your jack in anti-clockwise direction to open the release valve.

Then, using a screwdriver, detach the oil fill plug and pump the handle repetitively in order to remove the air stored in the system.

Lastly, install the oil plug again and you are done. Although it is new, it is recommended to check the oil levels before you get started.

Aside from removing the air, you need to take a few other measures in order to keep your hydraulic floor jack well maintained.

Make sure to examine your jack as well as its oil levels regularly. Verify that the joints and wheels of the jack are well lubricated. Also, look out for unfastened nuts and bolts.

Always use a supporting stand with your jack because people reported jack failure without the supporting stand.

While moving a jack from one place to another, make sure to open release valve and never transport it in upside direction as it may cause the air to make its way through the jack.

Lastly, clean it regularly and keep it in a dry environment as it is easier to examine defects this way and also increases its life.

How to Buy a Low-Profile Floor Jack

There are thousands of low-profile jacks available in the market. However, before making your purchase, you need to keep your needs in mind.

Moreover, there are certain construction aspects that should be kept in mind before you buy your low-profile jack which are as follows:

Lifting Arm

This is the part of your jack which is used for the purpose of lifting. This should be strong and wide enough so that it does not break when the vehicle is loaded. A “reinforced” lifting arm is durable and of very high quality.

Height Range

The lifting range is used to determine that till what height can your low-profile jack can lift.

An idle low-profile jack has a minimum range of 3.5 inches which is used for low profile vehicles and sports cars. Whereas, it has a maximum range from 14-18 inches ideally used for SUVs.

Weight Limit

It is very important to determine the weight limit of your jack before starting because if you will place a vehicle on the jack which is heavier than its weight capacity, it may break and you can face injuries that can be fatal.

A classic low-profile jack has a weight limit of at least 2 tons which is enough for most of the vehicles.

Saddle Pad

This is the part which gets a hold of the jack of your vehicle. Make sure its non-slippery and made up of high-quality material.


The rear and side handles are used to move your jack when it is underneath your vehicle. Make sure they are durable, flexible and large enough to grab under the vehicle easily.

Roller and Caster Wheels

A low profile jack is very heavy in weight and it is not easy to drag it on the floor. Therefore, make sure it comes with wheels to move around.

Quality Built-up

Make sure your low-profile jack is made up of high quality and durable material like steel or aluminum as it is required to lift up heavy vehicles.

For regular use, you can buy an aluminum jack as it is lighter in weight and easier to move. However, for professional use, it is recommended to use a steel jack as it is more durable.


A low profile jack is roughly used in workshops as it is used to lift up quite a few vehicles. Moreover, it is a compact structure so it is not easy to repair it on your own in case of a damage.

Therefore, opt for a jack with a warranty of at least a year to cater such circumstances.

Major Differences between a Trolley Jack and a Floor Jack

If you are one of the persons who is confused between the differences of a trolley jack and floor jack then don’t panic, because you are not alone.

Even the professionals get confused with this one and want to pick the best.

Make sure you get a durable secure tool to avoid any mishaps. Below we have described the major differences between a trolley jack and floor jack.

We have also discussed the pros and cons of both so you can opt for the option that suits you the best.

Lifting Capability

The lifting capability of a jack is of prime importance. A trolley jack is designed to pick up heavy weights and vehicles without any trouble.

In contradiction, a floor jack cannot lift heavy weights.

The Setup of Jack

The setup of a jack is not an easy process. Therefore, it is better to check how it is set up before buying.

Floor jacks are easy to install and anyone can install them by reading the manual. Whereas, a trolley jack is complex and it is advised to check prior how it is set up.


If you have a limited budget, it is always better to check prior what fits best in your budget. A floor jack is cost effective and anyone with limited budget can afford it. In opposition, trolley jacks are quite expensive.


Lightweight jacks are easy to carry and trouble-free to use. Trolley jacks are quite heavy as they have attachments which include a long pole and wheels.

In comparison, floor jacks are light weighted, easy to carry and easy to lift. Not to forget despite being light in weight, floor jacks are fully capable of picking up heavy vehicles.

Closing Thoughts

Finally, we can say that both trolley and floor jacks are safe and user friendly however floor jack got the edge because of its advantages.

List down the advantages and your needs and make a choice accordingly but make sure to pick a tool which is safe to use to avoid any accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Low-Profile Jack? 

A regular floor jack is used to lift up your vehicle for the purpose of mechanical repairs. But it has a constraint. It has a certain height limit which is not viable for cars with lower bottoms specially sports car.

That’s where low profile jacks are used. A low-profile jack is a type of jack which is designed for vehicles which have low tires or are flat to the ground. With a height of up to 4 inches only. These jacks fit under such vehicles easily.

What Floor Jack is Good for a Corvette Z06, C5, C6 or C7?

It is important to use proper jacking pucks with your Corvette because most of the jacks available in the market come with large lifting pads. And Corvette, being a low bottom car, can be damaged if those jacks aren’t used with correct adapters.

Corvette has a ground clearance of 3 inches therefore we recommend jacks like, Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low-Profile Floor Jack, Arcan XL20 Black Low-Profile Steel Service Jack & JEGS 80006 Aluminum Floor Jack.

Conclusion – Best Low Floor Jack

This brings an end to our complete guide about low profile jacks. From the best available options, their advantages and disadvantages to tips about how to buy best floor jack.

From Hydraulic jack maintenance tips to difference between a trolley and floor jack. We have covered it all. Finally, we have answered some frequently asked questions for your convenience.

A low-profile jack is a lifesaver for owners of low profile and sports cars. And if you are a professional worker, then this tool is very handy for you and a must have in your workshop.

Lastly, if you still have any doubts, read our guide again and you will have all your doubts cleared and all your questions answered.

Here you can find the usage of car jacks on Wiki.