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The 4 Best Garage Radio – Workshop Radio Reviews

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Whether you are a music freak or not, everyone likes to groove to the music when working alone in a garage by using Best Garage Radio.

And while you work in garage, the sound of air compressors, drills, hammers & other tools are so loud that a regular radio does not have enough volume to get louder than that.

Best Garage Radio

And who likes that their favorite song gets crushed under the sound of a drilling machine? But what if we tell you that you can dance to the melody of your favorite tune that too while working between all these sounds? Yes, we are talking about a garage radio.

A garage radio has the ability and volume loud enough to crush other noises. Below we have listed our picks of best garage radios. So, take a look and grab your favorite.

Best Garage Radio

Name Item Weight Price
Sangean LB-100 Ultra 6.8 pounds Check Price
DEWALT 20V MAX 6 pounds Check Price
Milwaukee M12 Cordless 29.4 pounds Check Price
Bosch 18-Volt Or 120V 0.16 ounces Check Price
Ryobi P746 One+ 18-Volt 7.4 pounds Check Price
Makita RM02 12V Max CXT 1 pounds Check Price
Craftsman 315.101260 19.2 Volt 2.35 pounds Check Price

1 – Sangean LB-100 Ultra  – Best Selling

Sangean is one of the oldest and well trusted names in audio industry.

The model LB-100 from Sangean comes in a compact design with multiple features to entertain you while you work.

The model comes with an antenna and a phase locked loop tuner which receives the signals better.  Moreover, its colorful casing is appealing to the eyes.

Product Description

Built on industrial standards, the Sangean LB-100 is resistant to dust, rain and shocks. The superior sound quality makes it flawless for indoor as well as outdoor use.

The 9 feet long AC power cord is winded at the back to avoid damage and is pretty useful for distant plugging’s. Moreover, this AM/FM radio can be set to 10 radio stations 5 each for FM and AM.

The roll cage design protects from drop damage and makes it easily portable.

It is installed with a clear LCD which helps you to know the playing station and time. Lastly, the 5-inch waterproof speakers provide loud and clear sound.

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  • Water, dust & shockproof
  • Excellent sound quality. Ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • A 9 feet long alternating current cord useful with distant power sockets

  • Music gets overwhelmed by the bass
  • Batteries dry out quick on direct current
  • Not very loud

2- DEWALT 20V MAX – Best Affordable Choice

DEWALT is one of the most trusted names in tools industry. Just like their tools, their garage radio is also a symbol of quality.

They have universal batteries for their products which means if you run out of battery while listening to the music in your garage, you can simply install the batteries from your drill machine into the radio and enjoy the beats.

Moreover, the radio works alike on AC, DC and a USB outlet which makes it versatile amongst all.

Product Description

DEWALT 20V MAX comes handy in a storage box which keeps it safe from dust, dirt and damage. It can work on 12,18- and 20-volt MAX battery packs and the 3.5mm aux allows you to connect the device to any audio device whether MP3, compact disc or any other receiver.

An LED battery indicator is installed on top of it which enables you to monitor the charging. It also helps in inspecting the time to replace the battery pack and whether they are too hot or cold.

Lastly, a 3-year manufacturer warranty is all one can expect from a trusted device like DEWALT.

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  • 90 minutes fast charging
  • A USB port to charge other devices

  • Battery drains even when not in use
  • The adapter cord is tight and difficult to remove

3- Milwaukee M12 Cordless – Editor’s Choice

Built with ABS polymer and steel body, the model M12 by Milwaukee is a shock resistant durable device that provides maximum portability in your garage.

The highly receptive easy to use radio provides clear signal and sound quality. The buttons are so simple to use that they can be pressed even with gloved hands.

Moreover, thanks to its mute button, you can shut it whenever you want with a single stroke without losing your song as that of if powered off.

Product Description

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Job-Site Radio can be powered with both an AC wall adapter as well as two AAA batteries.

Despite the smaller design of this cordless radio, it has a commanding performance as compared to the standard garage radios.

The speakers of this radio are waterproof and the MP3 section is carefully weather-sealed.

Lastly, with such astonishing features, a five-year manufacturer’s warranty is all one could wish for.

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  • Bluetooth, aux & radio available for listening options
  • The battery can be charged while using it
  • Durable

  • Cannot be mounted
  • Unified volume button
  • Not very loud

4- Bosch 18-Volt or 120V

The PB-180 model from the well-known manufacturer Bosch is a compact design which is lightweight and easy to carry which can be stored anywhere easily.

Despite being small in size, the radio provides powerful performance and excellent sound quality.

Ranking high in the budget segment, this radio incorporated with shock proof high strength handles is all you can ask for in such affordable price.

Product Description

Its 5-Watt ND (Neodymium) speaker are guaranteed to produce clarity of sound and high-quality performance. Even if you drop it from a height of 2 meters, its shock absorbing construction protects it from any damage and keeps it fully functional.

The radio has the capacity to set up to 10 FM or AM channels & an MP3 port which enables you to listen songs from your device. Bosch 18-Volt can be run up to two days on 4A  battery.

Lastly, with the weight of 4.1 kgs only, it is one of the lightest garage radios.

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  • Affordable and lightweight
  • 1-year warranty
  • 48 hours runtime

  • Battery not included
  • Charger not included

5- Ryobi P746 One+ 18-Volt

The P746 from Ryobi is the best companion for your boring garage trips. Compatible with various plugs, batteries and outlets, this handy stereo is your go to product if you are the one who likes their music on demand not just the regular sound tracks from radio.

This portable and light weight radio from Ryobi comes with Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to play music from your device. Moreover, it also has an easy USB charging port.

Product Description

Ryobi P746 which can be powered by both power sockets and batteries, comes with two 7W speakers which provide loud yet crystal clear sound.

Moreover, its integrated system allows you to attach extra speakers for extra entertainment. The built-in equalizer allows you to adjust the treble and bass as per your requirement.

It can be set to 10 different FM/AM stations and is also compatible with your cellphone or mp3 player via Bluetooth. Lastly, it has a small handy stand on the top which can be used to keep your cellphone or other audio devices.

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  • Portable & lightweight
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB charging port

  • The USB port is only for charging not for streaming

6- Makita RM02 12V max CXT 

The model RM02 is a cordless model from Makita which is compact, small yet provides commanding sound quality.

This handy model is compatible with mp3, iPod, smartphone and many other devices. The Makita RM02 12V max comes with two front facing speakers that provide loud, clear and full sound which can be enjoyed while you work in your garage.

This miniature device also has an earphone jack so that you can have some peaceful me time during work.

Product Description

The Makita RM02 12V max can be used with 4A battery and can give a stellar performance even with 30 hours of continuous use.

Despite being light and portable, it is a durable design and weighs 1.7lbs only. The 10 preset buttons allow you to save your favorite FM/AM channels.

Moreover, it comes with a rotatory hook which makes its placing convenient. Lastly, this device comes with 3 years manufacturer warranty which gives the buyer peace of mind.

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  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable
  • 30 hours of continuous use

  • Battery not included
  • Charger not included
  • Costly

7- Craftsman 315.101260 19.2 Volt 

The last device on our list is Craftsman 315.101260 19.2 Volt Am / FM / Auxiliary Weather Radio.

This portable device enables you to listen to the FM, know the weather updates, or play your favorite tracks through mp3 no matter if the power is off or on.

Whether you are at the basement or the roof top of your worksite, Craftsman gives excellent performance everywhere.

Product Description

Craftsman support FM range of 87.5-108.0MHz and AM range of 520-1710KHz. This enables you to choose between a wide range of stations.

It has an aux port that allows you to connect different audio devices. The radio works on a single 19.2V battery and has a lasting battery life.

Built with polyurethane material, this durable device is affordable, handy and easy to carry anywhere.

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  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Lasting battery life

  • No stereo/ One speaker only
  • No preset buttons
  • No storage place for a jack cord

Conclusion – Best Garage Radio

These were our picks for best garage radio. Now that we have sorted out a few from thousands for you, it’s your job to filter which one is the best for you.

Settle down, cause it’s not as difficult as you think. We are going to tell you 3 easy steps which will make the decision easy for you.

Firstly, decide where do you want to put your radio.  Is it your garage? Is it your room? Is it some other outdoor place? Decide the one with the volume according to your place.

Next, you ought to pick your taste. Are you a party animal who loves to rock on those hip hops? Or are you an introvert who loves soft and soothing music? Decide the one which whose capacity match your taste.

Lastly, check your budget and check which of the options listed above falls in your budget. When all these boxes are checked, voila! There you get your desired radio and you can thank us later 😉