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Best Floor Jack – Review & Buying Guide

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There are many car raise solution are available in the market that includes car ramps and car lifts. But Best Floor Jack is the most safest and stable solution floor jack

Floor jack comes in various designs and for various purposes, some are made for low profile cars and some for heavy weight trucks and SUVs.

There are many floor jack but according to my research, I go with Arcan XL2T Low Profile Jack because its weight capacity is 2 tons and lift about 24 inches.

Some people use bottle of scissor car jacks but professional use floor jack before going car underneath. At that time you don’t take any chance, because its a life risk.

Best Floor Jack

Name Brand Lifting Capacity Price
Arcan XL2T Arcan 24 Inches Check Price
Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Liftmaster 19 3/4 Inches Check Price
Performance Tool W1645 Performance Tool 20 1/2 Inches Check Price
Hein-Werner HW93642 Hein-Werner 15-3/4 Inches Check Price
Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Powerbuilt 15-1/2 Inches Check Price

When you’re working under the car then safety is important, because your life is on risk. If we talk about car jack then it is cheap in money but not as stable as floor jack.

Nowadays reputable companies also invented better and inexpensive floor jecks. At that time buying car jack is not a intellectual step.

For your kind information, here you’re a buying a floor jack according to the weight capacity of the car. We talk about just axle weight of the car not the whole car weight – Remember that thing.

No matter you want to raise a low profile car, truck or SUVs. Specific floor jack options for every car are available in the market. Just choose with respect to your need.

1. Arcan XL2T Low Profile Floor Jack

There are many designs are available in the market. Arcan XL2T is a complete efficient floor jack that is made for low profile cars. Why it is featured at first in my best floor jack list because 59.4% of cars in the US are low profile.arcan floor jack

Yes it is the best floor jack and easily compatible with all the major low profile cars.

Its additional length is beneficial, now you can raise your car at the maximum point and reach to every underneath area. I know you don’t do that with normal car jack.

Yes it is beautiful, looks extraordinary in sleek black color. A better durability, stability and very easy to use.

A little heavy to hold but it’s actually a value of price and anything is not 100% perfect.

Buying Reasons

  • Range of Height almost 2.75 inches to 24 inches
  • Weight capacity is almost 2 Tons
  • Twins pump for fast raising
  • Extra long chasis of 32 inches

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2. Liftmaster 3 Ton Floor Jack

Liftmaster 3 Ton Floor Jack is constructed with steel material and best for low profile vehicles. Also have twin pumps for faster raising, will save your time in an efficient emergency car jack

Liftmaster is best in their work and they know what they are doing. The created molded grip with a foam bumper with steel handle to stops from damaging the vehicle.

Liftmaster created this floor jack with all their heart and can raise about 3 tons. Better to raise your car with most efficient tool in the market.

Also available in the affordable price and make your garage more attractive.

Buying Reasons

  • Lift range is about 3 inches to 19 3/4 Inches
  • 45.5 Inches handle
  • Wheel is made by steel
  • Twin pumps
  • Rubber pad grip

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3. Performance Tool W1645

Performance Tool W1645 is best to use with heavy duty vehicles with the capacity of 7000 pounds. It can raise around 3 1/2 inches to 20 1/2, one of the best floor car jack

It is able to handle heavy loads because its construction material is steel.

When we are using low profile jacks then it is manufactured for best outcomes with low profile cars. Its dual piston works while fast lifting. When we are using performance tool w1645 then safety measures should be in concern.

By using the swivel saddle, you can easily move floor jack easily. By the way, its saddle is wrapped with rubber, don’t worry your vehicle frame will not getting any harm.

Buying Reasons

  • Easily lift 3 1/2 tons vehicle
  • Maximum lift height is 3 1/2 inches
  • Maximum height 20 1/2 inches
  • Dual piston for fast lifting
  • Saddle swivel for better replacements
  • Universal joint mechanism

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4. Hein-Werner HW93642

If you’re American and you need american made products. Then Hein-Werner HW93642 is just made for you. Mostly chinese brands offer 1 year warranty with floor jack but Hein-Werner offer 2 years of warranty floor jack

Its little satisfactory in performance. It can lift around between 4.5 inches and 20.25 inches. All combine like 15.75 inches. It doesn’t have any rapid lift system. You need to prove some extra effort in raising.

Maximum capacity is around 2 tons. Better to use with large vehicles like SUVs. For extra large vehicles better to go with 3 ton models.

It is too heavy to hold and move, around 90 pounds of weight. Not be able to use as a portable floor jack.

Buying Reasons

  • It is made in USA
  • Satisfaction in performance
  • Better for heavy duty vehicles
  • 2 years warranty

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5. Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile

Powerbuild 620479E is not like other low profile jack but it’s a good performance trolly floor jack. Blessed with wider rubber pad and wider front.floor jack

The problem with its unconventional design like it’s difficult to move with single wheel at the front.

Its too heavy like other trolly jacks but it is cheap and most of the occasional home mechanics buy powerbuild for some oil changing purposes.

Buying Reasons

  • Lift from 2-3/4 inches to 15 1/2 inches
  • 4000 LBS around weight capacity
  • Steel safety bar for better security

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Best Floor Jack Buying Guide

As we know, car owners have some car jacks in their car trunk or in their home garage. Some use angle, some use scissor or bottle car jack. But here we are talking towards floor jack for trucks

If you really want to raise your car and do your maintenance work with efficiency then floor jack is a better choice for you.

Just located the jack point, move the jack underneath and raise with fast raising technology. Better to buy some jacks stands too for safety purposes.

Here I’m writing this best floor jack buying guide just to help you while choosing a better floor jack for your car.

Low Profile Floor Jack

Low profile jack is better to use with lowered space sports cars or any passenger car. Low profile jack has lower entry position and entry height. It something 2-4 inches.

Because when we enter another tradition car jack in low profile cars then it will surely damage the sill. Better to use low profile car jack with your car for better maintenance work.

Yes it is little expensive but prevents your money to spend on repairing the car sill and side skirts.

Weight Capacity

You need to know the weight capacity judgment, because most of the newly made or home mechanics have misconception about this. You just need to put 1 axle of car at floor jack not the whole car.

Weight capacity mentioned with floor jack is just about the axle weight not the whole car weight.

Better to use 2 tons and 3 tons car jack because it can handle light weight and mid heavy duty vehicles like trucks or SUVs. If you have exception heavy duty then buy car lift or highly efficient floor jack.

Lifting Range

Lifting range is important and it will ge directly impact on your maintenance purpose. Like 20 inches car lift is above average and you will perform every maintenance task after that much car raise.

Like I featured Arcan floor jack, it can raise around 24 inches. More than above average car raise. You will definitely do every time of task after that much car raise.

Floor Jack Build Quality

Quality is very important. Mostly when we buy car lift, car ramp or car floor jack because we are laying underneath. Everytime buy floor jack with some reputable brand. Like I featured floor jack of all the stable brands above.

Mostly professional mechanic buy steel or aluminium floor jack because they are strengthful and long lasting.

Every affordable floor jack is not bad in quality. Most of the brands also manufactured quality floor jack that are available in low price.

Maintenance and Safety of Floor Jacks

Just remember one thing, don’t overweight floor jack please. Because you’re laying underneath and if something unpleasant happened – Then it will surely harm you.

Better to use wider saddle with a lip, better to do effective work in location the jacking point.

Most of the brands also produce their floor jack with many safety features, that will surely beneficial.

You don’t need daily maintenance when you’re using on a regular basis. Just keep it clean.

Everytime check your floor jack before car raising. Any break mark will surely damage will mostly end up on worst. Don’t use floor jack when you see some crack on the casting.

Jacking Points

Now you have to locate jacking point for saddle to fit it. Mostly it is too frustrating when your car is low profile. Jacking point is actually a rubber jack that is situated under every vehicle’s axle.

According to the experience of old professional mechanics. Mostly old car’s don’t have jacking rubber underneath the axle. Now you have to make your own jacking point by placing the saddle at some strong place.

Mobility and Weight

You need to know about mobility before buying best floor jack for your car. Mobility is renowned with wheels that is used while transporting. Floor jack is quite heavy, now you need some better wheel for effortless replacement tasks.

If your jack is too heavy then it should be blessed with highly efficient wheels, otherwise it’s too frustrating to move from one place to another.

Best Floor Jack – Conclusion

In this article of best floor jack. I am trying to tell you about the highly rated floor jack that are available in the market. All the floor jacks that I featured here are using by professional mechanics .

Buying guide will helps you to know about the floor jack before purchasing. Without know about floor jack you will end up purchasing a wrong product and it will be not beneficial for you as it should be.

If you need other car raising option then car ramps and car lift is widely known in the market and also better efficient suggestion for you whatsoever.