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Best Engine Hoist – Review & Buying Guide

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To hoist the engine out from the car, mechanics used an engine crane for this purpose. In this post, I am going to recommend you best engine hoist that make your effort too less.

As you know car engine is too heavy to lift, better car hoist should be efficient and make your job easy.

According to my recommendation and detailed research, I recommend you to buy Dragway Hydraulic Engine Hoist, it’s a great quality product and able to lift around 4,000 LBS.

There are many car engine hoist are available in the market. Mostly people buy hydraulic, electric and chain car cranes. Here I’m recommending you best engine hoist according to your needs.

Read the whole detail guide before buying any engine hoist.

Best Engine Hoist

Name Type Lifting Capacity Price
Dragway 2 Ton Hydraulic 4,000 LBS Check Price
Torin Big Red Chain Block Chain 10,000 LBS Check Price
Five Oceans Overhead Electric 2,200 LBS Check Price
Black Bull CHOI1 Chain 2,000 LBS Check Price
Strongway Hydraulic 4,000 LBS Check Price

Mostly people use hydraulic engine cranes, some love to use electric or hydraulic. It’s all about your choice. If you’re in budget then use Chain engine hoist, but electric and hydraulic are more efficient to use and make your job easier.

Mostly people ask question on forum or discussion boards, that is it possible to hoist engine without cranes?

Yes it is possible with strong towing straps but its is too frustrated and you need a complete team of lifter to get out the engine. You need more effort and hassle. It’s too stressful task whatsoever.

Yes now you have 3 choices. If you’re a professional mechanics and just want to make your engine hoist task effortless then buy hydraulic or electric hoists otherwise you should buy chain type engine hoist to complete your task.

1. Dragway 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist

Dragway Tool is a creator of best lifting tools. They created many cranes to hoist car engines but Dragway 2 Ton folding hydraulic engine hoist is one of the best engine crane for the hydraulic car hoist

Hydraulic engine is too powerful and full of strengthlessness. They can lift more than 2 tons but under 2 tons is recommended.

Yes like other hoist, Dragway 2 ton also tested and passed from all the lifting scenarios. Just use this crane with respect to their recommendations otherwise it will be little risky.

If we compare Dragway 2 tons with any other hydraulic crane, then it is quiet in budget and value of money solution for hoisting your car engine.

You can easily store anywhere in your garage or at home if you’re a home mechanic.

We combine all the things that I mentioned above, and marked Dragway 2 Ton Hydraulic Car Hoist is one of the best engine hoist ever.

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2. Torin TR9020 Chain Block

Torin company doing a tremendous job by creating various Torin tools for every budget.

They created 4 different cranes with 4 different weight capacities. It is a great beneficial step for every chain car hoist

You can easily use Torin Hoist to grab and put out your engine because it is lightweight and easy to use.

It have load sharing gears and forged swivel hook with latches.

It is affordable but it doesn’t mean that it is low quality product.

One of the best engine hoist. Just buy now to use Torin Tr9020 Chain Block for efficient lifting.

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3. Five Oceans Overhead Electric Hoist

Now I want to feature some electric engine hoist. So here we go and tell about Five Oceans Overhead Electric Hoist, it can lift around 2,200 LBS and a best electric engine hoist for the electric car hoists

Why is it better than any other electric hoist? Because most of the electric hoist are not be able to lift more than 500 LBS, but Five Ocean can easily lift around 2,200 LBS.

If you’re going to use Five Ocean then lifting a car engine is just done by using remote control. You don’t need any extra person for that.

It need an input power of about 1250 and produce around 1.8 horsepower for hoisting.

By using five engine you can lift about 32 feets, which is far more than adequate.

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4. Black Bull CHOI1 Chain Hoist

There are many mechanics who are in the budget because of some extra spends. So here Black Bull CHOI1 is the cheapest hoist to lift you car’s engine.

Some needs old school tools to overcome their problem so here it the best ejecting car engine tool for chain car hoist

You can easily lift around 1 ton of engine with much ease.

Its a standard rule that you have to attach the chain at some strengthen pipe or ceiling.

Yes it is made by china but it doesn’t mean that it is easily broken. It is around 1/4 inches thick that is enough to lift your 1 ton car engine efficiently.

There are many chain made car engine cranes available in the market with twice or thrice of price, but Black Bull is also efficient in quality and obviously overcome your car hoist problem.

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5. Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist with Load Leveler

Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist is a more better solution for you to complete your hoisting task because it also feature a load hydraulic car hoist

It can hoist around 2 ton, which can easily lift engine of heavy duty vehicles.

Its working size is around 64 x 39 x 51 inches and you can also store it in your garage, home or car and folding down size something around 28 x 29 x 60 inches.

It is coated with durable paint and frame is steel constructed.

It is too much powerful engine crane and can easily hoist your heavy duty car engine.

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Best Engine Hoists Buying Guide

Here I am writing a best engine hoist guide for you. You should read this buyer guide before purchasing. It will help you to buy better engine crane for your car.

Because there are many brands are available in the market. But now you don’t trust any brand because every brand manufacturer tell you just one side story.

Read this buying guide before spending your money for best engine cranes.

How to Remove an Engine From a Car

Now you have to feel the expertise of the mechanic. Because hoisting the engine is not just attaching a hook and ripping it out. There are many steps you have to take before ejection the engine from the car to prevent your engine and car from any damage.

The first things you have to do is to disconnect your battery first and also remove your bonet.

Better to use LED Garage Lights because you need to find different nuts and bolts while hoisting.

There are some steps you have to take after disconnection battery and removing the bonnet for extra space.

  • Like if you were changing the oil, first remove the oil then remove the coolant too by using radiation peacock.
  • Disconnect the hoses from the radiator.
  • Remove the exhaust too by removing the bolts near at the bottom.
  • Remove all the outgoing and incoming wires of the engine.
  • Now use trolly jack and then unbolt the bolt that pass the bell housing of the transmission. The whole transmission will disconnect that’s why I advised to use trolly jack.
  • Now disconnect the engine using wrench
  • Now connect the hoisting chain with the engine, better to see manual for where to grip the chain.
  • Get help from some people to get out the engine, especially when you’re using chain type engine hoist.

By doing all the steps, your engine will come out from the car by ease. You can easily remove the engine from old cars as compare to modern cars.

Just remember, it is necessary to disconnect all the electric cable and ful lines from the engine. Otherwise your engine replacing will be worst.

Removing an Engine Without a Crane

Mostly mechanics want to know about the solution of getting out the engine without using crane of hoist. Yes it is possible to get it out but it’s too difficult task, that’s why engine hoist invented.removing car engine without cranes

First you have to high your car by using axle stands. Then disconnect all the fuel lines and electric cables from the engine.

Now place the jack under the oil pan, Now give more height to the jack by using wood or steel planks. You have to raise the oil pan up until your engine should be lifted on mounts.

Now unbolt the mounts. To make this task little easier – Better to use car lift, it will surely make your task little bit easier.

Now slowly lower the jack and reach it at the bottom, then drag the engine from the car.

Yes I know its too frustrating and difficult to do, that’s why engine hoist was invented.

What Are The Different Types of Engine Cranes?

As you know there are three types of engine cranes we have in the market. In which chain, hydraulics and electric hoists are included. Mostly mechanic use chain car hoist because it is cheap but hydraulic car crane are more efficient.types of engine cranes

Hydraulic Engine Hoist

In hydraulic cylinder their is a liquid that is used to force hydraulics to lift the heavy objects like car engine. It works same like brake, in which liquid force to stop a car. More liquid then more force and hoist are able to lift more heavy objects. You can lift upto 5 tons by using hydraulic hoists.

Electric Engine Hoist

Now here your whole work are going to automate and you just have one simple remote control to lift a car’s engine. Electric hoist cannot lift heavy objects like hydraulics hoist but you can control the whole process independently.

It can lift around 500 KGS, mostly used with smaller cars who have small engines.

Chain Engine Hoist

Chain Engine Hoist are widely used by most of the mechanics, it is based on very simple design that includes Axle, Cog and Sprocket.

In which you have to lift manually, and it is very slow lifting process and more complicated. One of the best alternative of electric and hydraulics engine hoist.

There are many variety of hoist are available in the market. That varies from 2 tons to 5 tons, you don’t need to maintain chain hoist after purchasing.

Best Engine Hoists – Conclusion

Engine hoist is used to lift heavy engine of the cars. Here I’m recommending you three types of hoist. Chain, Electric and Hydraulic. Every engine hoist have their own benefits and efficiencies.

It is possible to remove engine from the car without any hoists but its too frustrating, difficult, time taking and risky too.

There are 5 best car engine hoists which of different types are mentioned above. Don’t buy before reading whole guide about best engine hoists.