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Best Electric Paint Sprayer For Cars

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Always painting a car is a pathetic problem to do. But painting with best electric paint sprayer for cars will overcome you frustration.

Whether you’re going to paint your home, furniture or car, painting always take time. With these best electric paint guns for cars, painting a car is not an issue any more.

In this post, I am going to recommend you best electric car paint gun that are available in the market as a name of automobile paint sprayer. All these are suitable for your to paint. Make painting fun with right electric paint sprayer.

5 Best Electric Paint Sprayer For Cars

Let me here show you about the best paint gun for cars for cars that fulfill you paint goals. These 5 electric paint guns for cars can easily overcome your painting problems.

Just grab one from them and live your life with ease.

1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Best Electric Paint Sprayer For Cars

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Whenever we are talking about Airless Automotive Paint Sprayer for Cars then it used for outdoor works because of its amount of pressure. But its pressure gauge is easily adjustable so you can use Graco Magnum X5 in interior or exterior too. It’s good in performance, durability and excellent choice for you to paint on cars.

It is build for fast and efficient painting. Its 25 foot flexible hose allow you to work from any angle and easily reach in every corner.

Its five gallon bucket complete your whole work in less time. Better to experience this Graco Magnum X5.

Its Power Flush adapter is too much beneficial because it takes less time to flush the paint. You just need to connect unit with water hose. Cleaning is much painful before Graco Magnum X5 arrived.

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2. HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Paint Sprayer Power Painter

Like my previous recommendation Graco Magnum X5 is made for big giant trucks and for bug surfaces, but this HomeRight models is mostly used for adding details and for finishing touches.

Best Electric Paint Sprayer For Cars

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Best to use with cars and for smaller objects.

Better to use when you want to make some character or abstract design on cars.

HomeRight Finish Max is good in usability. You just unboxed the box and use it right away.

Sometimes when you buy heavy product then you need to learn its usage from its manual but HomeRight Finish Max is too easy to use.

Its soft grip handle and adjustable spray allow you to get sufficient coverage without any frustration.

It is one of the best spray gun for painting cars.

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3. Wagner 0529031 MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer

Best Electric Paint Sprayer For Cars

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Now that’s the ideal we are looking for. This model is just design for painting vehicles. You can put any paint as you need in the cup and work as much you want.

Better to use with automotive because it is made for them. It make your painting work efficient with respect to car.

Its hose is almost 40 feet long. You can work all around the car without moving the air compressor motor. It means that its turbine machine is much powerful than most of the units.

Wagner MotoCoat comes with two different tips. First one is used to laying down a base coat and the second is used for fine details. Best to complete your goals while painting your car.

Great electric paint sprayer for cars to have on hand.

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4. Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun 800ml/min Paint Sprayer

Best Electric Paint Sprayer For Cars

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Tracklife Advanced electric spray gun car painting is again a better invention for detailed projects. It’s good in performance and efficient in their work as compare to others units.

Just a problem that it have a limited size and paint capacity to work, specially used to do detail work on cars.

It’s everything comes a part. You can easily clean all their parts more efficiently and which is great. It comes with adjustable tip, you can easily customize the spray as you need.

To clean Tracklife in easier way, it comes with needle and brush as well. You can easily remove leftover paints in no meantime. Mostly comes with 2 years warranty.

Best deal to look when you’re going to buy electric paint sprayer for cars.

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5. Astro 2 Quart Pressure Pot w/ Gun and Hose Paint/Body Spray Guns

Best Electric Paint Sprayer For Cars

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This paint gun is portable, if you really need portable then its best choice for you. You can allow to mix and paint up to 2 quarts at once with this pressure pot design.

It twin hosing is 6 feet long. You can easily work all around your vehicle. Mostly mechanics not used it for detail work but it will help to paint your whole panel.

Better to use with larger vehicle likes trucks and SUVs or buses. Best tool to use when you’re doing commercial work and when you actually need some extra tool for support.

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Tips & Tricks While Painting a Car with Electric Sprayer- Electric Automotive Paint Gun

  • While doing electric automotive paint sprayer, your work area should be clean. Collect spray and paint when you’re going to work outside. Don’t paint under tree because any falling object will ruin your wet paint.
  • Better to remove previous color before doing new color. Use sanding equipment in circular motion and also hit on crevices and corners.
  • Hide areas you don’t want to paint. Mostly vehicle painters hide windows, windshield and headlights. Best to use newspaper or plastic sheeting.
  • Better to use sweeping motion to apply paint or primer. Who use arcing motion instead, then it leave you with inconsistent results.
  • Mostly car need 3-4 coats. You actually need 20-30 minutes to paint a panel and at least leave an hour to cure properly.
  • Don’t buff after final coat. Better to use circular motion and keep moving. Don’t stay at one place for too long, it will make make your top coat burn and you will have to start from over again.

Final Words – Best Electric Paint Sprayer/ Automotive Paint Sprayer

In this guide I’m recommending you best electric paint sprayers. In which most sprayer are little bit expensive but it will value your money in a long term.

These 5 electric auto paint sprayer will overcome your all issues that you faced while painting your own or customer car. Just need your patience and skills and these electric paint sprayers will do rest of work by their own self.