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Best 5 Channel Amps – Detailed Reviewed –

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The most easiest way to explain the Best 5 channel amps is that 2 amplifiers put in the one single unit.

No matter you are heading out to pick up quick groceries from a nearby store, or you are going on a long drive with your loved one, the first thing that most of us do is, play the music!! And if you fall under the category of music lover, you would surely understand how disappointing the distorted audio and weak bass is.

Best 5 channel amplifiers

You may be discontented with the quality of the sound in your car, but the thought of an expensive sound up gradation would be holding you back from taking a step.

But what if we tell you that you can upgrade the quality of your audio without going very hard on your pocket?

Yes, you can enjoy high quality sound in an affordable price and the solution is “5 Best 5 Channel Amplifier”.

5-Channel amplifiers are specifically made for complete system amplification in a single go.

The system comprises of 5 channels from which 4 channels are allocated for speakers and 1 channel is assigned to a sub-woofer.

These amplifiers make the sonic up gradation of an entire vehicle trouble-free and the fact that it requires installation of a single amplifier only makes it even more convenient and pocket friendly.

Below we have compiled our picks for the best 5 channel amplifiers which will help you to decide the best option for the sonic upgrade of your car.

Best 5 Channel Amplifiers

Name Item Weight Price
Alpine PDX-V9 Amplifier 7.05 pounds Check Price
Kenwood Excelon X801 Amplifier 4.5 pounds Check Price
Rockville dB55 Amplifier 10.75 pounds Check Price
Boss Audio PV3700 Amplifier 12.5 pounds Check Price
JL Audio XD700 Amplifier 6.7 pounds Check Price

1- Alpine PDX-V9 Amplifier

Alpine PDX-V9 5-channel car amplifier comprises of whacking 100 Watts RMS Power output in 4 Channels of speakers and a blasting 500 Watts power in the sub-woofer channel.

It comes in stackable installation design with front-panel controls. The Alpine amplifier of the Japanese consumer electronics company is incredibly compact amplifier which utilizes hefty internal components and intelligent engineering to keep the power supply secure and well-built and reduces the external noise for accuracy.

You get high-quality sound from a minor amplifier which is so lightweight, that it can be easily installed under the seats or even on the dash.


The Alpine PDX-V9 is CEA-2006 compliant and among the most power saving models among its competitors in similar price bracket.

It has a whacking 100-Watt RMS power output in 4 channels of speakers & a blasting 500-watt power output of the channel in sub-woofer.

Both the speaker and sub-woofer outputs come in 2 power brackets (2-ohm & 4-ohm). In addition to these, there are also 2 200-Watt channel bridges.
All in all, this Class-D technology amplifier provides a total power of 1600 Watt at maximum. The .01% harmonic distortion makes the audio clean and of high quality.

If you love bass, this is just the right choice for you as it comes with a bass boost and the levels can be adjusted using remote bass control. Furthermore, this amplifier has a high range of frequency which allows a wide range of sound levels.


The PDX- V9 not only produces crisp & clean sound, but its low distortion and even lower signal-to-noise ratio provides a stellar sound experience.
This amplifier gives you the perfect power and control of tuning and a wide range of frequency to give you a sound experience at both, high and low frequencies.


Alpine PDX-V9 acquires a simple installation process. It is so light-weighted i.e. less than 6 pounds, that it can be installed into any car stereo terminal.
The quintet ports of PDX-V9 make it convenient to plug in the connectors. Its vertically stackable design provides enough room to stack other structures above it.

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  • HD sound quality
  • Wide frequency range
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sleek, stackable & compact design

  • Limited short circuit prevention
  • Relatively high price

2 – Kenwood Excelon X801 Amplifier

Japan has been making waves in the automobile industry since decades.

This roar is because of incorporation of Kenwood’s high-quality audio products in vehicles.

However, over the past few years, companies like Alpine and Rockville have been giving tough competition to Kenwood.

In reprisal for this, Kenwood launched the X series of amplifiers and snatched its position in the market again.

The latest addition to the Kenwood X 5 channel amplifiers is Kenwood Excelon X801. Falling in a conventional price range, this product gives a tough competition to the high-quality amplifiers produced by the competitive companies.

The following features make it stand out among the others in the market.


Despite being super light in weight, the excelon X801 provides the extraordinary power output. Built from Class A/B technology, this invention is a stable 5 channel amplifier providing a whopping power output of 1600 watt. Excelon X-801 has the RMS Power Rating as:

  • 4 ohms: 50 watts x 4 chan.
  • 2 ohms: 75 watts x 4 chan.
  • Bridged: 4 ohms: 150 watts x 2 chan.

Excelon lays thick with modulated MOSFET power supply and its 3-way protection circuitry (overload, thermal & speaker short protection). And if you are over cautious, its 2-year Manufacturer’s warranty is more than enough to make you go for it.


Excelon X-801 is the ultimate solution for the 10-inch speakers in front and rear and the woofer in the trunk. Its less than 1% of harmonic distortion gives the best sound experience and crystal-clear sound every time.


Installation of Excelon X-801 is a piece of cake, thanks to its plug and play functionality. One of the drawbacks is that the packaging does not contain the essential wirings and hardware. However, these are super affordable and easily available online.

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  • High quality in an affordable price
  • Easy to install
  • Undistorted sound at a wide range

  • Wiring and ground leads not included
  • Speaker up-gradation required to attain a sound boost.

3 – Rockville dB55 Amplifier

Rockville, despite being comparatively intruder in the market, has already left its mark in the audio industry for vehicles.

Its recent addition to the 5 channel amplifiers, the db55, has already made its name due to its high-quality sound and is giving tough time to competitors like Alpine and Kenwood.


Rockville db55 provides a gigantic 4000-watt peak output. The CEA Compliant Power ratings rate its distortion to less than 1%. It has a high speed MOSFET power supply and its RMS power settings range in:

  • 120W x 4 channels at 2-ohm + 500W x 1
  • 80W x 4 channels at 4-ohm + 300W x 1
  • 240W RMS x 4 channels + 1000W x 1
  • 160W RMS x 4 channels + 600W x 1

It provides an under voltage to over voltage protection of 10V and 16V respectively. And if you are a bass lover, its fully adjustable 12b bass equalizer is enough to make you contented.


For the music enthusiast who like to “Pump it Louder”, db55 is the best choice. It provides an excellent output on both front and back speakers even when it’s not set to the maximum range.

One of the drawbacks is that it weighs slightly heavier (10.75 lbs.) than its fellow products, however, its high-quality performance backs up this aspect. However, despite all the amazing features, if, for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, feel relieved as it has a return policy up to 1.5 months.


The db55 has somewhat complicated installation process. That is because the screws provided along do not mount in all vehicles. However, you can always make the difficult process easier by heading to a local store and finding the right screws.

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  • Cost-efficient
  • Loud and high-quality sound
  • Multiple power outputs
  • 90 days return policy

  • Complicated installation process
  • Mounting screws not suitable for all vehicle types
  • Heavy in weight and cannot be stacked

4 – Boss Audio PV3700 Amplifier

Formerly, Japan’s Boss audio was well known in guitars and musical accessories, however, Boss audio took no time to emerge as a well-known competitor in the industry of automobile audio.

To one’s amazement, the latest addition in its well-known series is the cost efficient PV3700. This pocket friendly 5 channel amplifier provides excellent results that too in a price that is a fragment of the prices of its similar products.


PV3700 is capable to outdo any 5-channel amplifier with this price. Supported by a whopping 6 years dealer’s warranty, it provides a power output of:

  • 550W x 4 channels at 2-ohm + 1500W at 2-ohm for sub-woofer
  • 275W x 4 channels at 4-ohm + 750W at 4-ohm for sub-woofer
  • 1100W x 2 bridged channels at 4-ohm

This elegantly designed and LED mounted amplifier provides nearly the same experience to in comparison to the once who are double in cost. Th MOSFET supply provides a shield against fluctuations and short circuits. If you want to boost up the sound but are not willing to go too heavy on your pocket, this is for you.


PV3700 provides matchless entertainment in spite of its light weight form factor and most affordable prize. It provides excellent power output when wired at 2ohm and a remote control to fine tune your bass at high or low levels.


The Boss Audio PV3700 has a basic setup process. All the required equipment come handy in the box and it also contains a manual to guide you through the process step by step. The connectors and leads eases in fixing the wires and provides optimal performance.

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  • Elegant design
  • Durable and lasting quality
  • High price to performance ratio
  • 6-year dealer’s warranty
  • Potential Flaws:

  • Maximum power level less than what the box says
  • Creates a buzzing sound

5 – JL Audio XD700 Amplifier

The recent inclusion in the American audio manufacturer’s sequence of high quality 5 channel amplifiers is JL Audio XD700.

This product is ideal for audiophiles who crave for high quality sound. It has an elegant design and features black powder-coat finish with sleek aluminum cover on the controls.


Held within a frame as light as 6.7 pounds, XD700 has a power output of:

  • 75W RMS x 4 channels + 180W RMS for subwoofer (4-ohm)
  • 100W RMS x 4 channels + 300W RMS for subwoofer (2-ohm)

The quantum leap which makes such huge power output in such a small framework is the NextD switching design.

This technology makes balancing easier in comparison to its competitors. Moreover, no matter which speaker system you use, its frequency range of 500 hz at 12db per octave provides clear and balanced sound quality.


The highlight feature in performance of the XD700 is the heat absorbent and thermal cooling system of the amplifier which enables it to maintain a steady temperature no matter what the external conditions may be.

You can play music at high bass when its blazing hot outside.


It is recommended to use a 4-gauge power wire setup and ground leads which are provided along with the amplifier in the box. A 60-ampere fuse should be used.

However, it should be kept in mind that the hardware does not come with the packaging and must be bought separately.

Nevertheless, its mounting bracket is one if the best in the market and makes installation viable in less than 30 minutes.

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  • Elegant black design and aluminium covers
  • Heat absorbent and thermal cooling system
  • NextD switching technology providing the high power output

  • Required hardware must be bought separately
  • Relatively expensive

How to Choose 5 Channel Amplifiers

Here we are done with our list of top performing 5-channel amplifiers.

However, you still need to pick one amplifier which suits your needs the best.  Conceivably, it’s the distortion from your stereo which is irritating you to bits. Or maybe, your system lacks the ability to lift up your jam.

So, let’s discuss the chief factors that you need to consider in order to give your vehicle the best sound upgrade.

System Requirement

An amplifier is installed in order to improve the sound quality of your system.

While choosing an amplifier for your stereo, 2 things tops the list of your required improvement i.e. volume and bass. At the same time, one aspect that should be bought in consideration is that your speakers and sub-woofers have specific power ratings (RMS and MAX power indications). These ratings maneuver  us while choosing the best amp for the system.

Keep in mind to opt for an amplifier that has an RMS rating greater than that of your speakers and subs because one should overpower the system rather than underpowering it as underpowering damages the speakers and sub woofers.

Is the Amplifier Bridgeable or Not

As the name suggests, 5 channel amplifiers are made for 5 channel systems. However, that does not mean they cannot be used in the 3 channel systems.

In order to get it functional in a 3-channel system, the only requirement is whether it is bridgeable or not & most of the amplifiers covered in the list above are bridgeable.

It’s smart to invest in a bridgeable amplifier as it is more flexible and will work for you if you plan to upgrade your system and add more speakers in future.

Main Reason to Buy Car Amplifier

Amplifiers treat a lot of sound related problems. You need to figure out which problem is disturbing you the most.

  1. If it is distortion, opt for an amplifier that has more linearity (such as Class A/B amps) as they are most viable in production of distortion-free sound.
  2. If you want more volume and your system is low powered, you need highly efficient amplifier and Class D amps are your go to amps for this purpose.
  3. If you want more bass from your sub-woofers, pair them with high power amplifier as they feed stiffly and high-power amps are the ultimate solution to shove them to their optimum capacity.

Advantages of Bridgeable Amplifier

One of the most common ways to increase the power supply to a speaker is to bridge quite a few of amplifiers together.  The advantage of bridging multiple amplifiers is that you can run them through a single voice coil (SVC) or a single channel woofer. It also provides better stereo separation and doubles the output voltage. However, one thing that should be kept in mind while bridging the amplifiers is that the amps should be identical.

The process of bridging may seem easy, but one should prefer to get the job done by a professional in order to avoid problems in the sound quality that may occur due to faultiness in the process.

Best Place to Install 5 Channel Amplifier

Routing to how will you connect the wires helps a lot in deciding where you should plant your amplifier. The most common and suitable locations to install your amplifier include the trunk of your car and under a seat. Measure these spaces, and opt for an amplifier that fits best in your space.

How to Install Amplifier in your car

Installing an amplifier is relatively an easier job if you have the right equipment and guidance. Here we will provide you a step by step guide on how to install an amplifier in your car.

The accessories you will be needing in the process include:

⦁    Power supply

⦁    In-line fuse

⦁    Speaker and earth wires

⦁    Connectors

⦁    RCA cable

The place where you are thinking to mount your amplifier is of paramount importance. As we have already discussed, mostly amplifiers are mounted in the trunk or under the seats.

You need to make sure there is ample supply of air to avoid heating of device and also maintain a fair distance from stereo in order to avoid noise spread. Now when all of this is sorted, its time to head towards the main task i.e. installation of amplifier:

  1. Make sure the negative terminal of battery is detached to avoid any electric shocks as safety comes first.
  2. Place your amplifier on the place where you want to mount it, mark points around it and start drilling. Using the screws, mount the amplifier after drilling.
  3. Dig another hole for power supply if there isn’t enough room for it and mount the supply.
  4. Install a fuse 15cm apart from the battery.
  5. Connect the power wire to the positive terminal of the battery.

Conclusion – 5 Channel Amplifiers

This brings an end to our complete guide on 5 channel amplifiers. From discussing about some of the top 5 channel amplifiers, their pros and cons to explore how to pick the best amplifier and also the process of installation, this guide covers it all.

We have done our job. Now we hope that this will help you to pick the right amplifier for your vehicle. So, upgrade your stereo now and jam to your favorite beats.