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Best Car Ramps Review & Buying Guide

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We need to raise our  car when we need to do service underneath. For this purpose we need best car ramps to do maintenance work properly.

Raising your car can make much difference when you want to do servicing.

Most of the high quality car ramps are available in the market that are used for oil changing purpose.

Car ramps is basically an alternative of garage car lift, because car lift is too expensive even for professional mechanics too. But car ramp is much cheaper as compared to car lifts.

One of the best car ramps are the Race Ramps Car Ramp Kit, it also includes a car ramp. It is recommended and under usage by most of the professional mechanics.

In this guide, I am trying to teach you all of the things that you should know before buying best car ramps.

Car ramps comes in different designs like some are heavy duty and some are low profile.

Their material of construction is also different. You need to know the stability of car ramp before raising your car, its important and necessary too.

Best Car Ramps

Name Construction Weight Capacity Price
Race Ramps Kit Space Age Foam 3,000 LBS Check Price
RhinoGear RhinoRamps Resin 12,000 LBS Check Price
Rage Powersports ML-1066 Aluminum 3,000 LBS Check Price
Nicky Nice Steel 6,500 LBS Check Price
OTC 5268 20-Ton Steel 40,000 LBS Check Price

As I said car ramps is actually a best substitute as compared to 2 post and 4 post car lift. Car ramps cannot lift your car for feets but it can raise as much as that is enough to perform automotive maintenance task underneath.

Yes I know floor jack is also available in the market but its not as much reliable like car ramps. Many mechanics now upgrade their self from floor jacks to car ramps, Because it is too much reliable and stable.

Yes we need safety, because you’re underneath the car for maintenance purposes. Every car ramps kit have wheel chocks that stops wheel to roll.

Here I will recommend you one of the best car ramps that are available in the market. I am featuring heavy weight, low profile and steel material car ramps out there.

Choose according to you need.

1. Race Ramps Low Profile Car Ramps

Race Ramps is a popular and best selling maker of car ramps, they have huge variety of ramps and most popular in the country.

I recommend you to buy race ramp additional kit too, because it helps to raise your car easier as much possible.Best Car Rampsv

If we talk about race ramp kit, then it includes a pair of ramps obviously, a pair of Xtenders and four rubber wheel chocks. All these things combines and helps your car to raise properly and safely.

These Race Ramps are mostly use with lowered car like race cars, to keep raise properly we need Xtenders to raise safely without any harm.

Yes I know Race Ramp is expensive but you should know that most of the cheap things are not marvellous in quality, sometimes we need expensive too.

Race Ramp is expensive but it is value of money product. Best to use with low profile cars. You will never get any regret after buying Race Ramps Low Profile.

Buying Reasons

  • Lightweight ramp
  • Raise car at 10 inches
  • Best for 12 inches wide tires
  • 3,000 LBS weight capacity to handle
  • 10.8 or 6.6 degree angle
  • Less sharp edges
  • Polystyrene foam

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2. RhinoGear 11909ABMI Vehicle Ramp

Rhino Gear is also a best selling and reputable brand and create valuable products in the market. It can easily handle a weight around 12,000 LBS that is massive and truly an impressive feature of Rhino Gear Vehicle Ramp.Best Car Ramps

This beast weight capacity feature in less and affordable price is a great charm for the consumer.

It is constructed with Resin material and almost same strengthful like steel material car ramps. Also complaint Portable Automotive Lifting Device standards for extra reliability and safety.

One of the best and cheap car ramps that available in the market with beautiful wide design and resin material construction.

Buying Reasons

  • Meets P.A.L.D standards
  • Resin construction
  • Tread pattern for better grip
  • 17 degrees decline
  • 12,000 GVW
  • Raise vehicles to 6.5 inches
  • Ramp is 22 inches long
  • Also used both ramps for storage purposes

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3. Rage Powersports ML-1066 Metal Car Ramps

Rage Powersports ML-1066 is a metal car ramp. It is launched for those who think that rubber ramps are not strengthful. So here, Rage Powersports comes with aluminium car ramps.Best Car Ramps

A best purpose to use this metal car ramps with SUVs and Heavy weight Trucks. It is ideal for them. A best heavy duty ramps in the market by Rage Powersports.

It’s great wider design will impress you at the first eye impression. You don’t regret after buying this Aluminium Metal car ramp for you heavy weight vehicle.

Buying Reasons

  • 11.5 Degrees angle
  • Aluminium construction
  • Side rails for wheel straighten
  • Total length is about 66 inches
  • Handle 3000 LBS
  • Lift around 7 inches
  • Best for 14 inches wide tires

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4. Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramps

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramps are fairly constructed with steel material and 35 inches long with incredible design. Its design create difference with other alternatives like it have extruded traction hold for superior tire grips.Best Car Ramps

This steel car ramps is much cheaper than Rage Powersports car ramps and also able to lift more weight. But it is smaller and need more effort to load a heavy weight cars.

Mostly professional mechanics and home mechanics love to use steel car ramps, this Nicky Nice is the best car ram with affordable price and also wheel chocks included.

Buying Reasons

  • Lift around 6,500 LBS
  • Steel construction
  • 35 inches long
  • Raised side rails for better stability
  • Better for 9 inch wide tires

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5. OTC 5268 20-Ton Capacity Truck Ramp

OTC 5286 is a best car ramps for heavy weight trucks and SUVs. It can easily lift around 20 Ton truck. Mostly used by professional mechanics in garages.Best Car Ramps

Yes I know it’s expensive, because it is not an ordinary car ramp. If you really want to lift heavy weight trucks then OTC car ramp is necessary for you to buy.

When we buy expensive product, then we need some differences and extra ordinary specifications. Yes it has many extra ordinary buying reason than any other car ramps.

If you’re a mechanic and want to lift heavy weight trucks without expensive car lifts, then this car ramps is just an ideal innovation for you.

Buying Reasons

  • T-handle for easy maneuverability of ramps
  • Best for 10 inch wide tires
  • Handle around 20 tons
  • Rubber matting for extra grip
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Raise around 10 inches

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Best Car Ramps Buying Guide

When we purchased car ramps, then it’s less expensive than any other car lifts – When your car is raised then it should be stuck at that point. Otherwise it will harm you car ramps

Whenever you raised your car then push your car from front to make yourself relax and always use wheel chock before going underneath.

Car ramps invented in different styles, design and materials. Mostly mechanics use Steel , Aluminium and Resin made car rams. Because it is reliable and highly efficient to use.

Before buying car ramps, you need to figure out your purpose first. Like some mechanics need car ramps just for oil changing purposes.

I write this car ramps buying guide to helps you about the choosing best car ramps for your vehicle.

Weight Capacity

Before buying car ramps first you should take out your car’s manual or search on internet about the weight of your car’s Axle. Like in my best car ramps list above, I mentioned all the car ramps with its weight capacity.

Always buy car ramps after knowing your car’s axle weight.

Some car ramps use single axis ratings as opposed to GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). Please for God sake don’t overload car ramps because at that time you life is under the car.

Wheel Width & Wheel Chocks

Before buying car ramps check the width rating before and match with you car’s tire width. Always buy recommend width car ramp because its your lift and you have to save it.

Don’t use car ramps without wheel chocks, because it will prevent your car to roll. I strictly recommend you to buy wheel chocks even if they are absent with car ramps package. Without wheel chocks don’t use car ramps

Safety before harm is better whatsoever.

Ramp Surfaces

Don’t use homemade car ramps because they use plane wood or steel that have no traction. Without traction your car will not landed safely.

Company invented car ramps are included serrated or punch plated ramp surfaces. It helps your car in safe loading and off loading.

Angle of Approach

As you know not every car ramps can be used with every vehicle because ground clearance can be an issue. Like if you have a sports car then it’s obvious that it would be low profile, now you need low profile car ramps for safe loading and off loading.

Mostly 10 degrees is recommended when your vehicle is low profile. Ground clearance would be an issue whatsoever.

Safety of Car Ramps

Yes I know that car ramp is more safe than car floor jack stand and car lifts are more safer whatsoever. But by using all three tools you’re working underneath.Best-Car-Ramp-For-Oil-Change-

Now you need some safety precautions, every time placed car ramp at stable floor. Because when car raised on ramp then placing on unstable floor will eventually break ramp posts.

Every time place car ramp on stable floor and don’t incline more than 5 degree because it make easy to drive on the ramp.

When you placed your vehicle on ramp then make sure about the handbrakes and put your car in gear to prevents for rolling over ramp. Using wheel chocks is still highly recommended too.

Load Vehicle On To The Ramp

To keep your car and ramp safe, raise your vehicle in a correct way. First you have to make sure about the floor stability. Now make your car’s wheel straight.

Then slide the both ramps under the front wheel for smooth loading. Now little speedup your car and reach on the edge. Mostly car ramps have some bump, it will indicates you about the correct location.

Here now you raised correctly. Now put your car in gear or if you’re driving automatic then put in parking mode. Use handbrake and wheel chock now for extra safety.

Here I’m recommending you a video tutorial of raising a car on ramps. Just check it out before ignites.

Construction of the Ramps

There are many car ramps materials are available in the market. Like we have plastics, molded foam, resin and steel car ramps.

For heavy weight vehicles you should use steel car lifts because it can easily handle around 40,000 LBS.

Choosing material of car ramps is better when you know about the axle weight of your vehicle. Choose material of car ramps with respect to that.

Best Car Ramps – Conclusion 

In this guide, I’m recommending you best car ramps with different materials and choose always according to your needs.

In my list, I featured Resin, Aluminium and Steel car ramps because it is widely used by most of the professional mechanics.

Safety is very important before using any car lifting tool. No matter its floor jack, car ramps or car lifts – Safety is permanent and necessary thing to hold.

I researched all of the thing on internet and find best car ramps for you – Hope you like it and appreciate me with some comments.