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Best Car Ramps for Oil Change – Review & Buying Guide

If you are someone who wants to change the oil in their car independently, it is important to use the appropriate tools. Car ramps are used by car owners to raise the car to access the undercarriage of the car for changing the oil. They are much safer to use than alternative methods such as jack or jack stands, etc.

They are mostly used to fix cars or change oil in cars. Despite car ramps being a safer as compare to floor jack for elevating the car, if ramps are not designed properly, they can put your safety at risk.

Every car ramp has specifications that are not suitable for every type of car. This article will help you identify the best car ramp oil changes.

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5 Best Car Ramps for Oil Changing

Car RampRamp HeightRamp LengthPrice
Rhino Gear 11909ABMI6.5 Inches22 InchesCheck Price
Race Ramps RR-407 Inches40 InchesCheck Price
Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp12 Inches30 InchesCheck Price
Black Widow PSR 295 Car Ramps8.5 Inches35.5 InchesCheck Price
Rhino Gear 11912ABMI Car Ramps5.3 Inches36 InchesCheck Price

There are many car ramps available in the market but we filter out just the efficient one, who just not build by legendary companies but also can be able to handle heaviest cars too.

1. Rhino Gear 11909ABMI – Budget Car Ramp

These are one of the most cost-effective options for car ramps.

The highlights of the product include being able to support a vehicle of gross weight of 12,000 pounds, an incline of 17 degrees, a non-skid pedestal, the capability to be used with of up to 9 inches in width and a design for maximum durability.

Overall, they prove to be an ideal option for someone who needs economical car ramps for their vehicle.

It is a durable and reliable product with many useful features and good weight distribution.

It is the most cost-friendly option that is practical in its functioning. You won’t get car ramps that will perform more outstandingly than Rhino Gear 11909AMBI at this budget

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  • It is easily affordable for most people.
  • They are compact enough in size to be easily stored or carried.
  • The incline is useful for examining the undercarriage.
  • It is safe to use as the CoreTrac installation reduces slippage.
  • It caters to a wide range of vehicles due to its tire width of 9 inches


  • They are substandard in their capability to withstand vehicles of more weight.
  • They will easily break if subjected to more weight than 12,000 pounds. It might not be the best option for people with small cars.
  • The incline needed for small cars is much less than the one Rhino Gear provides.

2. Race Ramps RR-40 – Solid Plastic Car Ramp

These Race Ramps 40 inch car ramps are the best option in the market.

They are high cost compared to others but are definitely worth their price.

They are small in size having a net weight of 8.49 pounds only. They have a total loading capacity of 6000 pounds, weight capacity per ramp is 1500 pounds.

They have a maximum tire width of 8 inches, an inclination of 16.7 degrees.

Their structure is more compact than others as it is built from a solid plastic core instead of having supporting sections for strength

Overall, it is an effective option for those who are not willing to compromise on quality for money.

It becomes ideal for sports cars. It is the best option and it will raise your sports car up to 7 inches above the ground.

The product will be appreciated for its light weight and value of money.

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  • They are lightweight being only 8.49 pounds and are easily portable and can be stored easily as well.
  • They are heavy-duty and long-lasting due to the solid core casing design.
  • The design is ergonomic and comes with a strap for carrying and storing.
  • The car ramps are sound in structure owing to the polyuria coating for resilience.
  • They are effective for avoiding slippage as their exterior coating is especially designed that way.


  • The problematic feature of the product is its high budget, mainly.
  • They are an affordable option for less people than others.
  • Some reviews also appeared unsatisfied with the aesthetics of the design for such a high price.
  • It may not be up to par for vehicles with tire widths above 8 inches

3. Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp – Best Steel Car Ramp

These car ramps are a pocket-friendly recourse with many useful features.

With the Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set, you have a set of solid steel car ramps with a total loading capacity of 6500 pounds, weight capacity per ramp is 2000 pounds.

The tire width is up to 9 inches; other useful features include attached safety rails and a powder finish coating.

All in all, most customers are happy with this product. It is pocket friendly and durable.

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  • The weight distribution is ideal for a compact car to a full size truck.
  • Its small size makes it easily mobile.
  • It can manage a variety of cars because of a total length of 35 inches and tire width of 9 inches. The attached safety rails are suitable for sliding the car on the ramps.
  • The perforations on the incline and the ribbed sides minimize slippage.
  • Its resilience is further enhanced by the powder coating on it which prevents corrosion.


  • The weight distribution might be insufficient for a heavy-duty full-size truck.
  • The inclination was reviewed to cause discomfort for some whose cars had front bumpers that were lower to the ground.
  • The inclination may be too steep for some vehicles

4. Black Widow PSR 295 Car Ramps – Best For Small Cars

Black Widow PSR 295 are adequate car ramps for changing the oil of your car. The loading capacity of the car ramps is 32,000 pound, weight capacity per ramp is 16,000 pounds.

The material used for construction is plastic. One key feature is the grid design that have supports built into them.

They also have secondary supports in the shape of arches running through the middle of the car ramps.

In conclusion, it is a well-designed product and if you have a small car, these might just be ideal for you.

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  • The loading capacity is sufficient for a small car.
  • Due to the material being plastic, they are lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another or stored for later use.
  • The structural support is sturdy enough to hold the vehicle securely and prevent buckling or cracking. The secondary structure helps to support the middle portion of the car ramp.
  • The grid design has voids which are helpful for the motion of water so dirt can be washed off.
  • Due to this incredible design innovation, they can be used in any weather.


  • The low loading capacity is a limitation in the Black Widow plastic car ramps.
  • They can only be used for small lightweight cars.
  • They are not suitable for heavier vehicles. This prevents them for being a viable option for most users.

5. Rhino Gear 11912ABMI Car Ramps – Best For Larger Vehicle

With the Rhino Gear 11912ABMI Car Ramps, you have all the benefits of Rhino Gear 11909ABMI.

Along with a higher weight capacity of 16,000. These will be suitable for changing the oil of a larger vehicle.

They also have an inclination of 17 degrees. And their build material is also plastic

Overall they are an up gradation of the Rhino Gear 11909ABMI.

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  • They are a cost-effective option.
  • The loading capacity makes it an ideal option in every way.
  • The incline is ideal.
  • The ramps, being plastic are easy to carry.


  • As much as their loading capacity is high, they do not hold up very well under the weight of a heavy truck or an SUV unlike their steel counterparts

Buyer’s Guide of Best Car Ramps for Oil Change

In this buyer guide, I just want to explain you the benefits of car ramps and what things you should consider before buying it.

Not just that you also need some advises related to oil changes using car ramps that just knew by your expert mechanic.

Things to Consider Before Buying Car Ramps for Oil Changes

There are many factors you need to take into account before buying a car ramp.

You need to match the specifications of your car to your car ramps specifications. Every car has different needs and there is a different car ramp to match every need.

Car Ramps Capacity

The first thing to consider when purchasing a car ramp is the weight loading capacity of a car.

There is a specified limit for the amount of weight a car ramp can withstand. For this, you need to be aware of the gross weight of your car.

A quick Google search for the model will tell you what the load is. Now you can make a sound selection.

Confirm that the weight of your vehicle is less than the loading capacity of the car ramps particularly for heavier vehicles.

Car Ramps Angle

The inclination angle of the car ramp is also important. A lower angle is preferred as you can easily get your vehicle on the ramp without scratching the front of your car.

This is important to consider when you have a vehicle that is low to the ground. You can also use a low profile car ramp though this will not elevate your car by a significant difference.

Width of Car Ramps

The width of the tires becomes pertinent in the case of a vehicle with large tires. If the tires are wider than the edges of the car ramp, they will stick out the edges.

To find out your tire width, look at the sidewalk of the tires, you will see three series of numbers, this is your tire width in millimetres.

Platform Height of Car Ramps

Platform height is the height of the platform of the car ramps under which a person slips in to look at the undercarriage of your car.

The higher the platform, the easier the action. Usually a height of six to seven inches is more than enough. This is important to evaluate for low profile cars.

Construction Materials of Car Ramps

There are two main categories of car ramps on the basis of material; steel and plastic.

The main difference between both is of strength and durability.

Plastic is light weight and therefore easily portable and can be used in all weathers. Steel is more durable than plastic even though carrying them around can be a hassle.

How to Use Car Ramps to Change your Oil

Firstly, you need to be on a leveled surface so you can get your tires up on the ramp easily without any slippage.

The surface needs to be dry and free from any debris. If your ground is steep, your tires may slip whilst driving onto the ramps.

Then you place your car in park and place the car ramps in front of your car such that the wheels of your vehicles and the edges of the car ramp are parallel. 

Align the car ramps properly. Be mindful to leave enough space in front of your car so as to avoid any accidents and hitting into any nearby objects.

Now that you have taken careful consideration of the ground conditions, this is the moment to drive the car up the ramps.

Do not over-accelerate the car as this will break the car ramps and furthermore cause harm to the bottom of the car.

Keep a steady but light hand on the accelerator to keep the speed in check. Keep your windows rolled down to be more aware in the duration of driving up your car.

Once your wheels are moving on the ramps and have reached the flat surface on top of the ramps, let go of the throttle.

You will realize you have reached the flat surface on top of the platform, when you hit the lip.

The lip is a bend at the end designed to keep your wheels from rolling off the end of the ramp. Stop your car when this happens.

The process may take a few tries for some but don’t lose morale. Just go slowly, do not rush and be careful to not run your car over the end of the car ramps.

Once your car is safely on top of the car ramps, you can easily access the underside of your car and can change your oil.

Safety Tips While Using Car Ramps

Changing oils of heavy cars and trucks are not an easy job. You need to keep precaution before doing that.

Jack Stands

Once your car is positioned correctly, using jack stands as a safety precaution is a must. It protects the safety of the person working on the car.

Parking Brake

Once the vehicle is in place, it is important to engage the brake of the car and put the car in brake.

This is essential so as to reduce the risk of the car rolling off the ramps. If you do not engage the parking brake, this can cause damage to your transmission.

In the case of an automatic transmission, there is a device called the parking pawl. It is designed especially to prevent the rolling back of cars. However with time, it can wear out which will be difficult to fix.

Wheel Clocks

Another safety measure you can use is wheel clocks. They can be placed behind the back wheels of the car once the car is in place.

Just remember to remove them once you have changed the oil in your car.

Conclusion – Best Car Ramps for Oil Change

Ramps are an important product for keeping your car in its prime condition. Oil changes are a crucial element of a car’s maintenance and car ramps make it easier for the user.

They are convenient to use and are safe. The ramps might seem like a pricey option but they are much cheaper than quality jacks and jack stands.

There is no price on the safety of lives and car ramps do nothing but ensure the safety of a person’s life.