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Best Battery for Duramax Diesel

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There are many car batteries available in the market that will force you to buy because of its design and features. But here we are going to find best battery for duramax diesel.

It’s too horror when your vehicle die at desolate area, or when you’re going for picnic with your family and when you ignites there is no spark! All these things realize us the importance of car batteries.

Mostly battery doing problems in winter seasons, you need highest cranking power batteries in low temperatures.

Previously I write about best battery for f250 diesel, mostly high cranking batteries are compatible with diesel engines.

In this post,I am trying to recommend you a best battery for duramax diesel.

Best Battery For Duramax Diesel

There are many things we have to consider before buying any car battery. Because nowadays every company try to make it battery better from their competitors.

and when we talk about diesel duramax vehicle then we need a battery with high density, fast charging – All these things combine and make a best battery for duramax diesel.

1. Odyssey PC680 Battery

As I want you to know that Odyssey company have more than 100 years experience in battery industry. Their batteries are mostly compatible with all the vehicles.

Odyssey is a battery that have huge cold cranking amps, no need to worry in winter or low temperature areas.

Easy handle 400 charging cycles at 80% depth of discharge and contains 99.99% pure lead. If you really want to make your diesel engine powerful then use Odyssey PC680.

Its AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat Design) technology is pure blessing to prevents battery from shocks and vibrations.


  • Amperage : 70 Amps
  • Cold Cranking Ampere: 870 A
  • Charging Cycles: 400 cycles
  • Terminal Type: Top Mount
  • Voltage: 12.0 VDC
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product Weight: 15 pounds

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2. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive Battery

ACDelco is not less than Odyssey, they also have years of experience of creating diesel engine batteries. Duramax diesel engine will surely increase its performance after installing ACDelco with it.

Not too much expensive like other diesel engine batteries. On the other side it will surely increase your diesel engine performance like a charm.

Its 94RAGM, and with 800 Cranking Cold Amperage (CCA) will surely increase the performance of your duramax diesel engine. No need to worry in extreme low temperatures, now we have solution for that.

ACDelco 94RAGM is a technology that boost increase its sustainability and becomes an efficient shield that easily absorb shocks and vibrations.


  • Amperage: 45 Amps
  • Cold Cranking Ampere: 800 A
  • Terminal Type: Top Mount
  • Voltage: 12.0 VDC
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Product Weight: 51.6 Pounds

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3. XS Power D3400 XS Series

Its my choice, because XS Power D3400 have highest cranking power and as you know we need highest cranking power batteries for duramax diesel engine.

As for you information. X3 Power D3400 is a new edition in the circle of batteries, but due to its performance and highest cranking power it will bless all the diesel engines.

Its a pure virgin lead and that is 99.99%. It can perform fantastically and deliver constant power to your diesel engine.

It ultra-fast recharge and recovery rates is the USP of XS Power D3400, and its high discharge current is tremendous.

1000 Cold Cranking Amperage (CCA). A complete better choice for your duramax engine.

Its Absorbed Glass Mat structure prevents the spillage and leakages and ensures the durable life of the battery.


  • Amperage : 65 Amps
  • Cold Cranking Ampere: 1000 A
  • Terminal Type: Top Mount
  • Voltage: 12.0 VDC
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Product Weight: 48 pounds

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4.  Optima Batteries YellowTop

Mostly people talk about RedTop battery but here I want to introduce you with some extra power and efficient battery called Optima Battery YellowTop.

I also featured Optima Yellow in my one of recent article that is about best battery for cold weather. Because of its highest cracking power and increase the potential of you Duramax diesel engine.

YellowTop battery have also same features like RedTop battery but it have some extra deep cycle technology to decrease the leakage and other battery issues.

A better choice for you duramax engine for all season.

Its cranking power is around 620 CCA that give constant power to your engine and also ignites just in one self, even in low temperature too.

It will performing upto 300 recharge cycles with any breaking down.


  • Cold Cranking Ampere: 620 A
  • Terminal Type: Top Mount
  • Voltage: 12.0 VDC
  • Warranty: 36 months
  • Product Weight: 36.4 pounds

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5. Exide Edge FP-AGM

Exide Edge FP-AGM is a best choice for you Duramax Diesel Engine. As you know battery is not a things that we can replace every month or week. Now we have to make  choice little efficient.

According to its highest cranking powers, it doesn’t mean that it is not affordable. It is in your budget.

Its Absorbed Glass Technology is incredible. Better performer while starting, stopping and recharging. Also provide deep cycle power when you actually need it.

Mostly perform much better in cold weather or in low temperature because of its 710 CCA highest cranking power.

Overall, if you want performance and you’re on a budget, this is the best battery for duramax diesel.


  • Cold Cranking Ampere: 710 A
  • Terminal Type: Top Mount
  • Voltage: 12.0 VDC
  • Warranty: 48 months
  • Product Weight: 46.2 pounds

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Duramax Diesel Engine

As you know Duramax is family of General Motor that creates diesel engine trucks. A V8 engines with 32 valve design.

This type of engine manufactured for extra power performance and potential. Its cylinder block casting that increase the engine capacity and power.

They create many engine for high performance vehicle to give them extra power and potential for tough riding.

Every high performance engine need high performance battery for consistent performance. If battery is just heavy in weight, it doesn’t mean that is good for Duramax Engine.

Highest cranking power is a must things when you’re choosing a best battery for duramax diesel.

Battery Size

Mostly heavyweight battery is because of its high sustainable design. For you information, Duramax mostly compatible with a group size greater than 48.

Please check your car’s manual before buying a sustainable and compatible battery for you diesel engine.

Remember, the larger the battery, the more power it provides, so always choose the largest possible size that will fit your vehicle.

Amperage Hour

You need to know about Ampere Hour, because when you’re going to buy a battery for heavy weight vehicle then this thing is necessary to consider.

It is the amount of energy in a battery that will allow the flow of one ampere current in one hour.

You battery Ampere Rate should be more than 50 at least.

Temperature Sustainability

Duramax diesel engine is much powerful and its officially need a highest cranking power battery to crank them.

When you’re in low temperature and when you’re in hot temperature. You need a better battery for both season.

Determine the temperature tolerance rate of the battery before making the purchase.

CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)

CCA is a number of amperes a battery can at 0 degrees fahrenheit can easily discharge for  half minute while sustaining 1.20 volts per cell.

Mostly cold weather can drain the charge, better to know about the CCA of the battery for purchasing.

Mostly trucks like Duramax need at least 600 CCA, you always need highest CCA power battery to perform better.

Charging Cycle

Mostly trucks need 400 charging cycle to sustain, but duramax diesel engine need at least 500 charging cycle for sustainable performance every season. It’s an important trait to consider before buying battery for diesel trucks.

Best Battery for Duramax Diesel – Final Words

As you knew many batteries available in the market. But when we talk about best battery for duramax diesel then we need some different and specific.

Here for duramax diesel engine you must know about the cranking power, charging cycles, temperature sustainability, amperage hour and battery size before buying a highly efficient battery.

According to my choice, I recommend you XS D3400 for diesel engines and marked it as the best battery for duramax diesel.