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Best Battery For Drag Racing – 16/12 Volts – Deep Cycle – Charger

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In this article, I am telling you about the best battery for Drag Racing. There are many car batteries available in the market but all are general. If we talk about just drag racing car batteries then we could need some special battery that is capable with drag battery for drag racing

In drag racing usually two cars can compete and trying to reach finish line first. By figuring all the mechanism and process, expert mechanics recommend some specific batteries that can beat your competitor.

Read whole guide and choose best battery for drag racing according to your need and purposes. We wish you best of luck for your next drag race.

What is Drag Car Racing?

Drag race is very simple. In which two cars perform in a straight line race. The track distance is something like 1/4 miles and 1000ft for top fuel cars. There are many ways to perform drag racing. In which some are heads up, ET and indexed.

Is Drag Racing Dangerous?

Why not ! Every racing is dangerous but drag racing is one of the most in the list. Every race that perform at the public roads are dangerous and illegal. If it is legally organized, even now its harmful too.

Every race have speedy cars, they don’t follow lanes, they don’t obey signal lights. All these carless behaviours end up on something serious and harmful.

16 Volt Battery For Drag Racing

16 Volts battery is the choice of sports man and better for Drag-Racing. This 16 Volts battery for drag racing is available with the name of T1600, there is no alternative.16 Volt Battery For Drag Racing

A better and powerful choice for  track racing, dirt racing and goal of every racing modified cars. It’s almost same like Turbo-Start and XS Power batteries, but now its available with more cranking power means more energy and better performance.

T1600 drag racing battery is actually a lithium battery and there are many advantage of lithium technology like they are lightweight. Every racers need a light weight battery because on track every gram counts.

Its deep cycling ability is ultimate and incredible and it’s called lithium. Because Lithium battery is long lasting and save your money in a long term as compare too deep cycle batteries.

It is fast charging battery because every lithium battery is 5x more fast charging than any other lead acid battery.

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Lightweight Battery For Drag Racing

The Braille B106 is complete sports can battery with lightweight blessings. It often used with power sport applications, its solid lead nearly flush amount terminals can used in some automotive applications.Lightweight Battery For Drag Racing

Its valve regulated design prevent you battery from any irregular corrosion and leakage. It lightweight features is an ideal for any drag racing cars and make racing car a good performer as compare to other competitive cars.

Its small height adjusting space is added. Its AGM technology can easily handle a better performer drag racing car.

Braille B106 is world’s largest AGM Race Battery. B106 is comes with incredible design and durability and its less weight blessing make your racing ride more efficient.

A less weight battery is more than a blessing for every drag racing car.

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12 Volt Battery For Drag racing

Odyssey PC680 is a name of strength, a best performer for any powersport vehicles and blessed a car with high unstoppable power.12 Volt Battery For Drag racing

It have 170 cold cranking powers with ultra durable construction and looks like an ideal for drag racing vehicles.

This 12 volt drag racing battery packed with pure lead plates, because of its rugged construction. Vibration resistance and not like other normal conventional battery.

It lives 70%  longer than conventional and three times than standard battery. Odyssey has upto 400 cycles at 90% depth discharge.

All these things in a battery normally comes in high cost but the shocking part is that odyssey is far affordable and good in performance.

It remains stable in extreme heat because powersport car’s mostly used in race, it means consistent motion. Heat Up is a normal thing for powersport that can easily handle by Odyssey PC680 Battery.

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Deep Cycle Battery Drag Racing

XS Power 16-Volt Deep Cycle Power Cell battery is comes with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design and its perfect deep cycle battery for drag racing.

Deep Cycle Battery Drag Racing

D1600 can also be used a an additional battery to get extra performance.

Blessed with a leaf proof design and because of this it can install in most of the drag racing cars.

XS Power D1600 Power Cell comes with 675 cranking amps and maximum output of 2400 amps, this cranking power is an ideal for drag racing cars.

It can resist all the extreme heat conditions and vibration, there is no need of maintenance.

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12 Volt Racing Battery Charger

When we talk about Beatit products, then they create better innovative products from long time. Here I’m talking about Beatit Tech 600A. It can give you an output around 12 volts.12 Volt Racing Battery Charger

14,000 MAH which is most ideal for racing battery chargers. A most versatile device that can provide more than 6 functions to its consumers. Helps you to jump start your car.

It can charge your battery 2 times faster than any other standard and conventional chargers. It can also provide safety features while charging the racing car battery.

For your kind information, its price is also affordable and best for on-budget consumers. Also blessed you with 2 years warranty. All these things combine and made Beatit Tech 600A is one of the best 12 volt racing battery charger.

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16 Volt Racing Battery Charger

Now you have lead-acid batteries and IntelliCharger is a best advanced charger designed for high performance lead-acid batteries.16 Volt Racing Battery Charger

This charger combines the reliability of a transformer and MOSFET rectifier assembly with an advanced microprocessor control board to create a battery charger that can rapidly and safely recharge 16V gel-cell.

A better charger with panel switches, LED lights for indications and their charge meter made IntelliCharger easy to use.

It can charge in three different ways.

1. Bulk Charging  – In which current is absolute fixed and almost 89% of battery capacity is restored.

2. Absorption Charging – In which the voltage is fixed with respect to battery types and charge almost 100%.

3. Float Charging – In which the voltage and current are reduced to a level that will maintain the battery indefinitely.

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Final Words

In this guide, first your have to know about drag racing, without knowing you can’t identify the best battery according to it. It can also be dangerous so please be prepared about any serious issues.

There and 12 and 16 Volts battery for drag racing are available in the market. Choose according to you need.

A lightweight battery is just a blessing for any drag racers, mostly car enthusiast know about the preciousness of light weight battery while on track.

Many drag racer need deep cycle battery for their modified cars because of its performance and reliability.

There are simples battery chargers available in the market for 12 Volts batteries but you need special big bang charger to charge 16-Volts batteries.