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Cheap Car Audio Battery

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Whenever we are going to choose a car battery, then its not an easy task. Most of the times eventually you end up buying a bad product. Here I’m jack sparrow telling your about the best and cheap car audio battery. Because affordable and best battery for audio are rear to car audio battery

First you have to know about the basics because there are a large amount of batteries available in the market. But when we are going to buy a cheap car audio battery to specifically satisfy our audio needs then we have to keep in mind about battery length and cold cranking amps.

Average battery live about 3-5 years. But when you’re going to drive roughly and you live in low temperature areas then your battery run out easily. Now check this article that how to keep your battery charged even in low temperatures.

Things Should Consider Before Buying Car Audio Battery

High Performance

Whenever we are going to buy anything then first we figured about its performance. How good they perform and for how much time they perform in a consistent way?

When we step inn the market to buy cheap car audio battery then first thing you should remember about their performance and their power. Because audio devices needed much power to run and if we bought alow performance battery then it will drain easily.


Battery should be reliable and easily recover their self in low temperatures. Because in cold weather conditions you have to perform some extra care steps for your battery.

In low temperature, inner chemical of a battery could be freeze and your battery will be dead.

While selecting a battery make it confirm about their higher Cold Cranking Amps, it helps to startup the engine in extreme low temperature.

Types of Car Audio Battery

There are two types of batteries that I want to explain here.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle battery provide you a consistent and continues power for very long time. It is made to discharged regularly, using most of its capacity. It’s not work as like a starter battery because its doesn’t provide a same surge that starter battery provides.

SLI Batteries

SLI battery is a full form of Starting, Lighting and Ignition. As you seen these things are required in common car batteries. It is used for the basic needs of the car.

Little charge cycle, needs charging frequently. Built-in with most of the private cars.

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

Lithium-ION(Li-ion) battery are much in power and stored lot of energy, more than convention and standard batteries. Less in weight and recharge quickly.

Not comes in most of the cars because it is just compatible with hybrid or electric cars, and many new invented vehicles also have Lithium-Ion battery.

Lithium-Ion(Li-Ion) have one disadvantage and that is short lifespan.

Choosing the Right Battery for Your Car’s Audio System

You can easily choose battery for your car’s audio system. You just have to look out some important things that helps your audio system to perform better.

1- More cranking power, means more powerful and you need powerful battery for your audio system to perform efficiently. Match this to the total RMS wattage of your system.

2- Now the second thing is the capacity of the battery means Ampere hour. It can easily measured by multiplyig current flows in amps by the time battery discharges.

3. Now the third thing is Amperege Measute, rate at which electric charges passes in to the battery.

5 Cheap Car Audio Battery

In this list I am going to recommend you one the nicest battery for your audio system. That’s doesn’t only perform well but also cheap in price. Everyone in the world need a product that is cheap in price but in quality.

1. Soundquest Power Battery AGM Design – Best Car battery For Music Lovers

Soundquest Power battery is just manufactured for music lovers because it’s a perfect battery for your audio needs.
cheap car audio battery
Much reliable and strengthful like other battery I mentioned. Excess of 2000 Watts, it is not just good with your audio needs but also assist you to get rid of flickering lights.

Soundquest battery comes with AGM (Absorbent Glass Matt) technology, that makes it highly reliable and extremely efficient.

Easily working on 2000 watts without creating any issues and effortlessly stable you audio system and lights.


  • 2000 Watts
  • Technology of AGM
  • More than 300+ discharge cycles
  • 33AH reserve power
  • 525A 5 second burst power
  • Removable brass battery posts.
  • ESR 11 m Ohm.

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2. Kinetik HC600 BLU Series Car Audio Power Cell Battery

Kinetik HC600 BLU Series Battery is based on 12 volts and 18AH power cell. Much stronger than any conventional battery, designed with high density plates.
cheap car audio battery

Kinetic battery released with enormous height and extreme vibration resistance than any conventional and standard battery.

Another AGM technology with lead acid feature that brings extreme power upto 12 volts. Best for larger audio system.

If you’re going to plan for big audio system like 10,000 watt system then Kinetik battery is the best choice ever for you.

Kinetic is not just cheap but also extreme powerful for your car to support bigger electronic devices. 600 cranking AMPS with an 18 AMPS hour rating perfect for your biggest audio system choice.

You can use this battery as a secondary one and use it when you need extreme power for you extended power devices like audio system etc. Otherwise you can also use this as a primary battery.


  • 12 Volts
  • 600 Watts
  • Keep stable in extreme heat temperature and vibration
  • Technology of AGM
  • More plates for extreme power

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3. XS Power D3400 XS Series 

Xs Power D3400 is a high efficient invention of XS power, mostly people use two separate batteries. One for the normal usage and second one for the usage of highly power electronic devices. In this case XS Power D3400 with 12 volts and 3300 AMP AGM High output battery is highly compatible with your needs.
cheap car audio battery
One of the most powerful battery for you vehicle to perform well in higher consumption states. It comes in average size casing and durable design that assist for continues performance in bad or cold weather or in any driving scenario.

XS Power D3400 is vibration resistant, no worries for bumps in the road or in rough driving. Extreme powerful battery can easily the performance of your high power electronic devices.

Xs Power D3400 come up with low resistance ensures a continuous power no matter what the requirements are. Always make your car stable in any state.

It included M6 terminal bolts made just for the D3400, when you need the bolts for your vehicle’s connectors.

I think this one of the best purchase with outstanding amount of power , innovative design are really appreciable for its manufacturer. Perfect to use in bad climates.


  • Better to run powerful electronic devices in your vehicle
  • Average size casing easily adjustable
  • M6 terminals bolts

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How to Choose Best and Cheap Battery for Your Audio’s System

As you know I’m not just showing you cheap car audio batteries but also point out their performance too. Before buying car battery for audio system, we need to focus on their characteristics.

Most of the high power car battery are little heavier than standard battery. We need more cranking power to power car’s audio system.

These three car batteries are perfect choice for your car audio system and these are cheap too. These cheap car audio batteries not only boost your car audio system but also stable you car’s standard needs.